My first ever rebuy MTT



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May 13, 2006
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I played in a rebuy tonight for the very first time. Made some mistakes, got both lucky and unlucky at the right times and ended up finishing 24th out of 850 for a nice little $30 profit or so.

My mistake:

I failed to realize that I wasn't actually all in with ONE hand to go before the rebuy period ended. I lost the hand, had 20 chips left over, didn't add-on in time and was dealt AQs which held up for a massive pot of 100 chips. I then rebought (and couldn't double rebuy because of my 100 chips) and the rebuy period ended right then. GAH ! next time I'll check the auto rebuy. That cost me at least 3k chips.

So I double added on and was basically far shorter stacked than anyone else.

Caught AA, doubled up and was good for a while. After that I lost every coin flip when I could afford it, but won every coin flip when it would have knocked me out of the MTT.

The real turning point came when I was all in against a super LAG blind stealer with TT against his A3o. He caught an ace on the turn and I was in chip and a chair land with only enough to pay the big blind. Doubled up, doubled up again, stole the blinds and POOF back to middle size stack.

Finally I caught AKo UTG, pushed. ...

1 caller....

2 callers....

3 callers....

I thought, well I got a shot here still when I saw TT, QQ, and 99 turn over.

Flop comes Q9x and I'm sent packing.

Overall, I had a couple real bad tables but at the end I had a decent one which allowed me to continue treading water even with bad cards. The worst table I was at the longest though. Had 2 people that called everything, played every other hand and never folded, PLUS they had a zillion chips. A calling station that has me covered is tricky to get involved with. I just didn't cbet those guys, and only bet when I had the goods. The worst part was that he was 2 to my left, so button and CO steal attempts were completely pointless.

The highlight was one hand that I totally outplayed someone:

Hyper aggressive guy raises to 3xBB in the CO, as he had done every orbit.

I flat call from the BB with A3o.

Flop comes KJ3, he bets out some weak bet and I flat call.
Turn was a blank, he bets out something weak again and I flat call.
River was another blank and he checks.
I bet out with an amount that just screamed value bet, like 1/3 the pot and he folds. Just shows you what a good read can do, and how paying attention can give you an advantage.

One last thing, a big thanks to Stormy for his rebuy strat guide. Having never played one it was very helpful to read.


Feb 2, 2005
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Sounds like you had fun and did fairly well for the first time.

I gotta agree too - big, LAGGY callingstationish donkeys are the hardest to play against since they force you to tighten up and play premiums only. There's no way to switch gears and try small-ball play when you can't bluff someone off of ace high...


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Mar 25, 2005
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ive been playing a Rebuy lately, what i do is Rebuy one time rite away, then Addon at the break,, i think it was Rob who suggested doing that, BTW,, Thanks Rob for the Tip, it has worked out for me doing it that way so far, ive played 4 and cashed 4 times doing what rob said,, buck:cool:


Sep 25, 2007
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I'm in a rebuy right now on PS and I used Storms' tips as well I made it to the break now the real game begins