My First Atlantic City/Casino trip -- Pivotal hands, Casino overview and Thoughts


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May 14, 2007
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I'll forewarn you now this is going to be a somewhat long and informative post. I've got it divided into titled sections so if your not the reader just sift through the post

Let me give you a little background about me though. I've been playing for about a year and probably a couple weeks now. I didn't have a job for a good portion of the time (I sold shoes online for side money when I didn't) and I took time off from school so even though I've only played a year, I'm pretty confident in my play and reads, there still is always more to be learned with this game.

I DON'T deposit money online, I try to make free bankrolls. My biggest bankroll has been put on freeze because a site no longer offers play to Americans and I am going through the motions with getting that sum out. Meanwhile somehow I created two new free bankrolls on different sites on the same network both over 100+ at the moment, but haven't really had the time to play.

Cash game wise the highest level I've played on is .25/.50, I usually play lower for management of the bankroll until I get to a well padded stack. I still feel I can play on that level and above, because the competition I have played with on a day to day basis when I've played rounders and the top tournaments on the network, and special tournaments for the specific site I used to play on has helped me learn alot. Also, I've never played live outside of playing with my family, and my grandpa doesn't allow check raises -- I check raise ALOT.

My Image, I went there with some Jordan Spizikes, some shorts past the knees and xxl LRG tee and a red fitted hat on tilt. Now I don't know If I was perceived a different way because of this but if I was i'm pretty sure they thought I wasn't serious when I sat down. By the way, NO SUNGLASSES, I don't really feel the need for them, though I have nothing against them.

With that being said...

me and one of my boys from Maryland (university of) and his roomate decide to go on a one day trip to Atlantic City (AC) planning to play as much hold'em as we could

I was going on the trip with only $300 and I told myself I plan to either at least double/triple my stack or lose it all. I had no problem with losing my stack and playing with instincts I wasn't going to be pushed around because I was a small stack thats for sure. Since I don't have a bankroll I play a relatively safe game, I came with 50 bbs looking to play a solid game


We started at Ceasar's 1/2 blinds (keep in mind I've never played live or blinds higher than .25/.50). I bought $200 chips, sat down at the table with 100 and put the other 100 in my pocket. Even though my stack is somewhat short for these blinds I play an aggressive game especially with my first stack with more stacks on deck.

Ceasar's was a GREAT place to play. Remember, I went on a Saturday which could have meant more tourist, but for the most part I went there twice (when I got there and at the end) and I still seen some of the same players that were at my table, so everyone couldn't have been a tourist. The competition isn't that rough, you can definitely take advantage of alot of the players on 1/2 blinds, especially once you show a good hand and make a few plays. People will respect you and not want to get into a hand with you.

The first table I played at here was pretty TAG, there were some LAG's but for the most part it was a preflop TAG game. I had one LAG'r directly to my left and I had a few pivotal hands with him. I started with 100 at this table and when I left I had 500+. When I left this table no one wanted to really get into a hand with me without premium holdings I was playing real strong. Alot of people were showing their hands, this is great, I actually used table talk often to get them to show and I'd get the info needed. I'm not a table talker, but I probably talked the most in hands on the first table. On another note, one of the dealer's was a complete *****, he pissed me off just being there.

At the second table, I had one of the kids I came with to my left and to his immediate left there was a chip leader with a stack of about 2 gs +, to my immediate right I had a hyper aggressive maniac and another chip leader with about 15-1800 in chips. This table was real cool, the big stacks weren't trying to be bullies we were all just drinking and having fun. The hyper aggressive maniac, I think he was on tilt, but he was having fun doing it, but he was showing me his bluffs and showing me his big laydowns and showing me what he raised with for no reason, he was cool but was super aggressive. most of the people at this table had a sense of humor so it lightened the atmosphere.

I highly suggest you go here to play when you go to AC, you'll get to see flops and play some hands.

Second place I went to was Trump Taj Mahal, we so called went there because one of the kids said all the good competition is there so we should go to there. I'm thinking to myself "I DON'T WANT GOOD COMPETITION", but i said oh well lets roll, I had never been here so wanted to see everything anyway. Man THIS WAS THE WORST DECISION.

You would think a table full of Donkeys and fish is what you want right? Well add to the fact that everyone of them is being aggressive. At trump Taj at my table THEY DID NOT RESPECT MY RAISES, no matter what I had. They would call me with marginal hands so I took the tight approach on this table. Than you have idiots pushing all in on my bb with 10/9 off suit with a +100 stack. Man if your not a patient player I would not suggest you come here, because it seemed like everyone play LAG here, a TAG would be successful here for sure. Question is are you willing to risk the time for that.


1st table:
my first orbit im in small blind with J 9, 4 players to the flop. Flop comes Jack high and its checked down to the person with position, she bets and I check raise her about 2.5x, no scare cared on the turn I check she checks behind, I fire a value bet she calls and I turn over the winning hand with Jacks. This was my second hand, I think that created a good image for me at the table.

Im on the button with A 4 and I raise, everyone folds except the LAG to my immediate left, flop probably came something like q rag 5, I bet he calls, turn comes a two, I decide to check to see what he will do. and he puts out about a $40 bet into about $60 pot. I consider reraising him, but I knew I would be pot committed, so I considered If I reraised him would he fold, Since I wasn't sure what he had I decided to fold because I hadn't invested much in the pot. After the hand he asked me "what were you going to reraise all in?" I told him that I contemplated it.

not much longer dealt A K, I raise it up 10 (that was my typical raise). LAG to my left ( he had a rather sizeable stack at this table too) calls and someone else does). flop comes something like 8 3 3, I fire a pot size bet (30) trying to make it look like I have an overpair.
LAG calls other player folds, I thought he couldnt have me beat here he has to have a pair to have me beat and I didnt think he had one. Turn comes the King. I knew he thought that he could bully me so I thought how I wanted to play this, and I figured If I checked, he would put me on that overpair of like queens jacks or 10s, so I decide to check. Sure enough as I figured He fires a $70 bet into the pot. I look at the board making sure he can't have me beat which i know he can't and after a short hesitation. I reraise him ALL IN, and he folds. From this point on LAG to my left stop visibly messing with me and played much less pots with me and it also sent a message to the rest of the table.

I'm deal 88's in small blind, I just call, about 4 players to the flop, flop comes about 10 5 2, its checked down to the position player, who bets the flop, Now I threw out chips to check raise but I accidently short changed the amount and they wouldnt let me raise, so I just had to flat call at this point, everyone else folded. The turn comes probably something like 9. I check and the bettor, knowing that I originally meant to check raise him on the flop gladly checks knowing that I can check raise him on this street. River comes ace of diamond I think, showing a diamond flush.

I think to myself this player is a solid player and I'm not sure if he has the flush because there was 2 diamonds on the flop. The way he gladly checked 4th street made me think he wanted know parts of the hand. So I think to myself I'm gonna value bet the flush card, I thought my flush was overall good and I could get away If he reraised a ton. so I bet 15 and he reraises 40. I think to myself for a minute, and look at him good for about 15 seconds. Than I think out loud and say "I think that flush card might have hit you, that ace could have hit you but I doubt that". I look back at him and ask him "Did that flush card really hit you?" and he literally shakes his head NO (looool). After that I thought wow, is he kidding it doesn't seem like it. so I look at the pot and do the math and I was getting great odds of course to call if I dont think he has the flush, so I say "I don't think I can fold here, so I'm going to call you sir, I wanna see what you have, I've got 8s". he taps the board and says good hand pot comes my way.

hand is folded to me, I have A 9 off suit I raise it 10 and only the small and big blinds call. Flop comes something like 8 5 3 rainbow. Sb and bb check, I think there is no way they've hit this flop so after I think I decide to check. The sb checks the turn which was something like a 10 and the Bb who happened to be the same person I check raised with jacks on my 2nd hand at the table bets 30 into the pot. I have nothing but I know this is her chance to steal the pot from me before it comes back to me, so I raise her 30 more and make it 60 to go. The final card comes something like a 2 but it makes a flush on the board. Being out of position she checks without real thought, now I think here she could think that I might have caught runner runner being that I raised that I raised 4th street but I knew for sure I could not fire a weak bet.

I thought for a minute trying to decide what bet I wanted to make on the flush card and I tell my self I don't want to big because if she raises I have to fold because a reraise wouldn't work because she'd be pot committed. So after good deliberation I decide to bet 80. She looks at me tries to get a read. I look dead into her eyes, deep into her soul with a stone face for at least 7 seconds, and than looked at the flop and didn't move much, she folds, I rake in the pot, I use my peripheal (sp?) vision and damn near the whole table looks at me with an EXPRESSION that said, "PLEASE, show us what you had that time". Everyone else had been showing hands, but I didn't show one single one unless it was showed down.

I raise with 5 4 suited one position before the button, the small blind LAG calls, bb and every other calls. Flop comes like k 10 5. I decide to check this flop because I know he can call any bet I make and if I bet and he calls I would have no clue where I was at on the next street. He checks, when He checks I know he has nothing. next street comes probably like an 8 I check again, knowing that if I bet here he can call and still be last to act on the river so I check and he checks AGAIN. river comes probably like 7, so I have bottom pair. At this point I don't think he he has anything and I don't really want to get reraised if I bet here because its going to be hard for me to call if its a big one so I decide to check call his bet, only after I check he checks it down. I flip over my five and he mucks his cards, meanwhile mr ***** dealer forces me to show both cards, I gladly show though and it seems like there is a sigh from most of the players like "This kid can not lose". At that point, no one wanted to really play a hand with me.

player to my right raises, I know he has a pair because he variates his raise and he raises his strength I know his pair isn't higher than kings, but its probably not lower than 9s. I know this because one time he raised my bb and I looked him up than asked him "you sure you want to do make that bet right there?", he didn't say anything but he made weird movements, I said "I"m gonna give it to you man" and I muck my cards he flips over queens and says "you couldve raised", I said good hand. He also had showed a preflop raise that was folded but the raise was less and he had 10s.

so player to my right raises, I can't remember what I had I think it was suited connectors (probably like 47 suited) but I call because I have the button. about 3 more people call making it 5 people to go flop comes K 4 K. its checked to me and its about 60 in the pot I value bet the pot with 15 in chips. Everyone but the original raise folds and he calls. the turn comes a queen I think and he checks. Now I think to myself he's defintely got a pair because he didnt look to confident and I don't think he would check call the flop with that hand, so I thought to myself I'm going to make a bet to see how confident in his hand he is, a bet that he could only really call if he had a king. I more than triple my first bet of 15 and bet either 55 or 60, I Know that if he can call this bet than I know not to mess with the pot any further, he considers the bet, doesn't really look at me but I'm looking at me and it looks like he's thinking to himself "man I know my hand is the best but that bet is too big for me call with this board and I know that he can be deceptive". He folds I rake pot.




Oct 6, 2006
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Wow! Good job in your first live play! Also thanks for the info! If i ever get to AC and get the guts to play i know where to go.
Im too chicken to play ring games live, ive played one live tourney in Vegas and i was so nervous the whole time. Probably showed to! It was a good time and a good learning experience.

I look forward to hearing the rest of your trip!

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May 14, 2007
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don't worry man, its all in your head, just don't care what people think of you and play your game, and no matter if you look stupid or not know that you've stuck to your plan, thanks for the comment man, glad you look forward to the rest, and heres what I was gonna post...

For the most part that was the last of that table. I made one mistake that I wish I could take back, but I don't regret it too much because I minimized losses. It was a hand where the board showed a 4 card river flush, there was also a four card straight showing (which I had) but the flush really made that really a moot point. I didn't have any clubs and it was checked to me with two other players in the pot, so I said to myself they might be weak and the only way I can take this down is if I bet, so I opted for the value bet bluff, but got reraised all in, of course I had no choice but to fold.

NEXT WAS TRUMP TAJ MAHAL, MAN ARE THERE SOME FISH AND DONKEYS IN THIS CASINO. Maybe it was an excess because it was Saturday, but my table basically sums up what the poker world is coming to, everyone is converting to LAG to take advantage of TAG and thats one thing I love about poker. The players control the game trends, in the past its been very profitable to be a LAG and will continue to be forever, but as the tide turns to LAG the profits can be plentiful when you switch to TAG.

Anyway. Unbelievably, everyone at the table was talking! It was amazing, there were all types of conversations going on and the dude right next to me would not stop saying hand analysis I sat down and woke up to some nice hands. First hand I get jacks (by the way I never just buy in, I always sit out at least one orbit and see how the people are playing). I sat down with $100 stack again 1/2 blinds and woke up to pocket jacks and raised it to 10. I make a continuation bet about 2/3rds a flop that shows an over ace and an old man calls, I check to him on the turn and the old man bets a reasonable amount and I fold.

The very next hand, I get Kings, this is my second hand. I raise it up 10 again and get about 4 callers, had got about the same amount last time. I'm thinking to myself, I'm sitting at a damn calling station and I will have to variate my raises to price people out. flop comes about 8 high and I bet about 4/5th pot and everyone folds this time, and the dude to my left says to someone else "he probably had AK just a continuation bet". I thought to myself I WISH SOMEONE WOULDVE PUT ME ON THAT, I was pissed because so many people were calling preflop raises with marginal hands.

There were many times at this table where I had to fold top pair with marginal kicker because I was last to act when it would have been a split if I called, there was one pair where the flop came j 6 6, the first player to act bet, and the 3rd player to act reraises, I look down at my jack 5 and theres no way I can get in there to that reraise, they both turn over jacks with kickers no better than 8, that basically summed up how aggressive the table was. I was mentally shaking my head so many times at the amount of times I laid top pair but I knew it wasn't worth it for the most part I was right.

The biggest hand at this table for me was when someone raised it up 10 to make it 12 to go. I had limped, I think I was a couple seats away from the button. with 7 5 suited in diamonds, normally I would fold this to this raise, but there were at least 5-6 callers to the original raise, I was getting great pot odds to flop a monster and these are the situations I like with these hands so I call. the flop comes rainbow 6-5-2, and the person first to act was the old man. He would call with a wide range of hands preflop to raises, even queen jack offsuit, but he played a solid, tight game after the flop. He lead bets for 30 and on this flop I know he wouldn't lead out without a real hand.

Its folded to the dude to my right, who seemed to be a solid player, he was playing TAG and he deliberates for a quite a bit and there is a long pause at the table and for some reason I thought it was folded to me and action was on me so I asked him, "what, you got a set or something?" than I got brought to the realization when a few people said "wait" and I apologized for it, meanwhile I think that gave the dude to my right a hint that I would probably be getting involved in the pot and his hand probably started to shrink up. He looks like he hates doing it but he folds so its on me, and I think for a minute, the amount of time it took me to think I think the old man might have put me on a flush draw and if my read was correct that he had a set (I thought set but 2 pair the very least if not that) this wasn't the greatest spot to push all in.

Well I'm a gambler, especially in cash games, I had already been winning earlier and whenever I come short stacked to a table (100 is only 50 bbs) I like to get involved in juicy pots on drawing hands. I thought to myself I'm going to raise his 30 to 60 basically pricing him in to call at the very least knowing that by doing this I'd be pot committing myself. I knew that if we got all in on the flop I'd get more than 2.5 to 1 on my money. I couldn't just call the flop bet because if he didn't have at least 2 pair or better, than if the straight came than the implied odds would decrease if he sensed that I had it big time. If it didn't come on the turn he was guaranteed to bet and I would have no choice but to fold, I'm not going to chase a draw with one card to come to a huge bet. I wanted to get him all in right than and there.

I raise him to make it 60 to go and like I expects, he comes all in over top, I call and the turn comes 3 and gives me the straight and I rake that pot. He had a set too, once again I know thats not the best spot to get my money in but that pot right there I wanted to in a cash game. Every one praises me like I flopped the straight or something, I'm like I just got lucky he had me dominated from the flop. One thing that influenced my play on this hand -- I wanted to leave this casino. Though there was money to be made here (donks and fish), time was a wasting, and I knew Ceasars would be more profitable for a quick game. If I wouldve lost that hand there I wouldnt' have bought back in so I thought to myself before that hand this is probably going to be my best chance to win a big pot at this table because I'm not staying here much longer. I left that table with a profit of about 125-150 and was satisfied for sure.

I had seen some bad beats too, on that table a set of 66s get rivered by a set of flopped ducks turn quads. and one hand where someone flopped a 7 high straight and tried to trap without ever protecting his hand and the player with the position fired shell after shell and ended up hitting runner runner jack high straight.

BACK TO CEASAR's, and this was pretty much the general consensus because it was TOO MANY donks and fish, and I know that sounds stupid, but I'll touch on why we couldn't afford to play in that atmosphere later in this post. This time at Ceasar's was totally different than the first, the table was much more relaxed and it was a talkative, enjoyable atmosphere, thus I wasn't fully focused like the first time.

As I stated in my first post to my immediate left was my friend who happened to get put at the same table and to his immediate left was a player with +2000 in chips, to my immediate right was a hyperaggressive maniac and to his immediate right was a player with at least 1500+ in chips. The chip leaders weren't trying to use there stacks to bully at this cash table, they played TAG for the most part and basically openly stated that they weren't going get involved in huge pots with each other because it wasn't worth the risk. On the other side of the Table there was a quite player who seemed to play a solid TAG game, and a pretty predictable and stupid woman.

Throughout this table Mr hyper aggressive would raise any range of hands preflop from $7 to all in, and he also liked to reraise all in and he kept his stack at least 200 for the most part. He was cool, he would show me his cards on the low after I fold when he raised while other preflop players considered there options, so I had a really good read on him, and though he had been tilting I think he was just having fun because he was still making some strong lay downs, he would show me those on the low also, so I knew he was playing deceptive

The first hand I got into it with him, he raised my bb to make it 10 to go and I call, with q7 suited knowing that there won't be too many people in the hand and knowing that he will raise with anything. My friend to my left calls, and the lady at the other end of the table calls. Now my friend plays a solid TAG, I don't really see him as a bluffer so I keep that in mind. Flop comes q 9 8 rainbow and hyperagressive maniac continues with probably like a 12 bet and I raise to make it 25 to go. My friend calls, the lady folds, and hyper aggressive maniac calls (of course), I know he's capable of calling with nothing and im not really worried about him I worried about being out kicked by my friend. so the turn comes something like a 5, and hyper aggressive checks and I check too, so does my friend.

River comes Ace, and hyper aggressive bets 30-40, I call his bet not really worried about the ace and my friend calls. hyper aggressive mucks , I show queens and my friend had pocket 10s, he messed up for not repopping hyper aggressive preflop.

one time I woke up with kings about 5 limpers, I make it 15 to go and 2000 chip leader is the only caller. He probably knew I had a pocket pair or put me on one but I don't care in this spot, I need to make sure I get minimal callers so I did what i had to. Ace comes on the flop, and I bet 30 almost 1 to 1 on the I know if he can call this than I'm beat. He sighs and grabs his head seeming to hope that I don't have an A K, exactly what im hoping he'll put me on. Than probably a light clicks on his head and his conscious tells him "hey buddy, your the big stack, his stack won't dent yours too much if you go all in over top", and he says well, I'm gonna have to put the pressure on you man. He goes all in and I say damn, you really got that ace don't you, he looks like he's comforted by me saying that. I say I can't call man, and flip over kings and muck them and he turns over AJ and I let him know good hand.

One time I was attempting a blind steal on the lady at the other side of the table, I had like A 4 and hyper aggressive had called and I raised it to 10, the sb called and the lady who was bb also called. The flop came something along the lines q 10 7, I continuation bet about 15 and both players call. Now the lady never calls or bets with hitting a piece of the flop, this was actually one of the first hands, if not the first hand I had seen her even call/bet/raise so that had me worried, and when a rag comes on the turn we all check, another rag on the river and the hyper aggressive player makes a blocking bet of 5, I sigh, thinking man I know I can get him to fold, but the same bet its going to take me to do that the lady might call and I definitely didn't want that. After I deliberated for a minute, I'm pretty sure hyper aggressive read my mind and knew that I couldn't raise without being called by the lady so I fold. hyper aggressive flips over a7 and the lady flips over k7, I had put her top pair the least. I was mad when she flipped those cards over and lost, but I was over it immediately.

I didn't flip over my kings to show that I made a laydown particularly, I flipped them over hoping that he would do the same for me to show me that I made the right move, sometimes this works for me, certain people when you show them that you respect their hands if they aren't relentlessly LAG they might just show you their cards to let you know you made the right move and that always helps.

I woke up with kings another time this time in the BB. its about 3 other people in the pot and hyper aggressive limps to make it 5 including me (SB folds). I raise them up 10 this time and get about 2 callers and hyper aggressive reraises me all in, I chuckle and say to him you know there is no way I can believe you have a hand here and he laughs knowing that I'm right. I push all in and my friend hesistates ands folds and the rest of the table folds. I ask him, do you have an ace? he says I have a 3, I chuckle and mentally say yes he doesn't have an ace, so I'm thinking this hand is wrapped up.

Well after the river he flips over his hand for a pair of aces, he had ace 3 and the ace came on the flop. I said NOOOOOOOOOOOO, I thought you said you didn't have an ace? he said nah, sorry man, I said I had 3, sorry man. I wasn't mad at him though because he gave me exactly what I wanted in that hand, it just didn't hold up and I can't blame him for that. The beat felt worse since he made me think he didn't have an ace, if I knew he had an ace it wouldn't have felt as bad. He was just trying to get me to fold preflop. My friend actually ended up folding pocket 6s for quads this hand and he was somewhat short stacked, but he knew that when I pushed I had a hand.

I buy back in a 100 and not to long later my friend is a short stack and I'm in the bb, my friend limps and the 2000 chip leader raises it 10 to make it 12 to go, I believe it was one caller and and than folded to me and I called with qj suited. When it gets back to my friend he goes all in for about 38 and I chuckle and say NOOOOOOOOO, why would you do that?! he smiles and the 2000 chip leader looks was also unsettled by the reraise but he calls, the other player folds, I say to the chip leader "you want to check it down?" with the sole intention that if he says no than I will fold preflop but if he will than I call. He says "yeah we can check it down", so I call and we flip over the cards and my qj holds up to take down the pot with a queen on the flop, my friend ended up having a3 suited and chipleader had AK.

This last hand I called a raised from the quite solid player on the other side of the table raised it up 10 to 12, the 1500 chipleader calls and I call after
limping early with kj suited. flop comes k 9 rag and I check to the bettor he thinks for a second and says "50" I don't know if it was his tone or not but I wasn't totally convinced he had a 50 dollar hand. At first I thought he might have a pair trying to bet it strong to see if its good. I knew there was no way I could reraise, I didn't want to be all in here in this spot because I still wasn't sure what he had. I said "I'll call", LUCKY FOR ME, this whole time while I thought it was my turn I was trying to make action out of turn and the action was really on 1500 chip leader, who seemingly had been unphased by what I had said and was already set in his mind to calling.

At that point the dealer came back to me (he was a cool dealer) he said aight now you can act, action is on you. I said, "Well, now there is no possible way I can call" and I fold. 1500 was a solid player and I knew he wouldn't be calling with less than kq the very least, and thats if he would do that. Come to find out they both went to showdown and they both had AK. honestly though, I don't know why I considered a $50 bet from this particular player without a real good read, kj isn't a $50 hand in that situation.

before I knew it, I was back up to a little over 200 (I rebought with 100) and I ended up leaving with around 25 profit. The players were great, we were all drinking brews and getting mixed drinks, we knew what state of mind we were in, it was around 3 in the am so we took it easy on each other for the most part. the other chip player with +1500 was real cool, he told me how things worked, where to go for tournaments and we just talked. My whole side of the table was cool, we were all conversing with each other and we all pretty much respected each other's game.

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I have A 9 off suit I raise it 10 and only the small and big blinds call. Flop comes something like 8 5 3 rainbow. Sb and bb check, I think there is no way they've hit this flop so after I think I decide to check.

I'm think your opponents have not hit the flop, so you check behind? Why not c-bet?


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Sep 26, 2008
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Great post. Thanks for the tips about were to play at in AC. I think the problem you ran into at the Taj is that is were they hold the US poker Championship. So you will get alot of players trying to get a feel for the casino and the atmosphere of the place.


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Feb 24, 2008
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Young Hova - Impressively lengthy and informative posts! You must have an excellent memory!

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May 14, 2007
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Shrog this was a real old post, but in regards to your question, I'm pretty sure I didn't c-bet because people at least in my experiences that time were not respecting c-bets. Live people float a lot and I wasn't trying to just c-bet because I would never know where I was at, if it was online I probably would've c-bet, but it was just too risky imo to bet because it was automatic I'd be firing 2 shells most likely three.

Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure the reason I didn't c-bet had to do with one of the following reasons: people were floating too much, people don't really respect c-bets live so I wouldnt know where I was at, I just wanted to see who would bet the turn because certain peoples bets I would respect on the turn but others I wouldn't; just so happens in that case it was someone I had already check raised and showed the goods and she was playing aggy so I figured a raise was possible. I was going to bet the turn regardless but if someone tight bet I probably wouldve just folded.
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