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Apr 6, 2007
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so i am playing on bodog with 46$ on a .25 .50 table the money i had just won from a freeroll the night before. i get dealt pocket Aces! o yeah
so i put a lil raise out there, one caller the flop = 8 3 5 rainbow, i bet , and the guy calls , turn is the Ace, i check and call the guys bet , river come out A , i value bet and the guy pushes i call he reveals 55 ... good hand ... so then two hands later i have the infamous AK i raise fairly large, not caring whther a flop is seen or not. one caller ... flop is 7 3 K i raise i get reraise ... and it goes back and forth til he is all in and more than half my chips are in he has K 2 ... what a donk ... river = of course a 2 , three hands later came the ultimale bullshit i have ever seen .... i have KK he had Qc 10c flop = jc 9c 9d i raise and he calls ... turn = Kc .... river 3 h
top boat to a **** strait flush .... good bye all my $$$
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