Bodog total Credits and Debits



Looking at my bodog account info, can anybody explain the total credits and debits thing.

Like if i buy in at a table for 100 dollars then leave immediatley, why do the total credits and debits each go up by 100, what do they mean

Egon Towst

Egon Towst

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If you look at your ecash statement (found under the Account & Preferences/My Account tab), it shows a complete breakdown of all transactions (which you can print out for study offline, if you like).

The total credits/debits numbers are the totals of the two columns on that statement. Basically, one is the amount you sat down at a table with, and the other is the amount returned to your account when you got up again.

In your example, you took $100 from your account to buy chips at a table, and then you converted those same chips back into $100 again, so the total of each type of transaction rises by $100.


Nice explination Ego. It's an accounting thing to double check youself in accounting. Debits and Credits will always be = on the book. So when keeping the books, anytime you have a credit somewhere, there is gonna be an = about debited else where. Look at your bank statement for you account and maybe you can see what I mean there.
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