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Sep 11, 2007
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The Safe and Secure Internet gambling Initiative is taking up the fight to promote the freedom of individuals to gamble online. Like you, we believe that playing poker online is a matter of personal choice and we should be able to do so without the government getting in our way.

One of our main goals is to promote legislation introduced by Congressman Barney Frank, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, which will legalize Internet gambling.

A challenge we face is responding to opponents of Internet gambling who claim that legalization will lead to an increase in problem gambling. Below is a release we just sent out on a UK study that refutes this claim.

We welcome your support and encourage you to visit our website at Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiativefile:///C:/Documents and Settings/m... Internet Files/Media/ where you can contact your Member of Congress and register your support for the freedom to gambling online.

Jeffrey Sandman
Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative

New Report: Regulated Internet Gambling Does Not Lead to Increase in Problem Gambling

U.K. survey shows rate of problem gambling remains unchanged since 1999

September 19, 2007 – A report released today by the U.K. Gambling Commission, which regulates Internet gambling in Britain, reveals that problem gambling has not increased over the last eight years despite the availability of Internet gambling. The British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2007 found that the rates of problem gambling were 0.6 percent and 0.5 percent of the gambling population, the same percentage of problem gamblers as reported in the last gambling participation survey conducted in 1999.

“The Commission’s report shows that Internet gambling opponents are using scare tactics to argue that regulated Internet gambling will result in an increase in compulsive gambling,” said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesman for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative. “The reality is that regulated Internet gambling, which is clearly working in the U.K., can offer better controls and protection for underage and vulnerable gamblers in the U.S.”

The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, proposed by Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), would protect U.S. consumers by establishing a regulatory and enforcement framework to combat compulsive and underage gambling. Safeguards that have proven effective in protecting against problem gambling include the ability to control the amount of money wagered, set limits on amounts deposited, restrict the duration that somebody can play, identify and stop players whose gambling patterns seem out of the ordinary and allow for consumers to be excluded from online gambling.

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Feb 3, 2005
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Hi all,
Quote "A challenge we face is responding to opponents of Internet gambling who claim that legalization will lead to an increase in problem gambling."
It's a shame someone didn't take this view regarding guns in america, every kid has one.

I think this point has been proved in several sectors that legalizing something doesn't create more problems. I remember seeing a documentary once on a country (cant remember which one) which didn't exactly legalize the use of club drugs eg:ecstacy etc...but regulated it, fliers were given out at clubs and members of drug agencies were at the club doors supplying clubbers if they really wanted it but they also gave out the information of the dangers of each drug. Turned out that actually less people wanted to use them and it also resulted in less drug related deaths in teens.

I also remember some trying to use the same argument in the UK when the pubs started to have the option of opening 24hrs a day, many saying there will be more drink/drive offences blah blah...actually there was more offences before because everyone drunk as much as they could an hour before closing time, now they can take their time knowing there is no "chucking out time".

Personally I think legalizing online gambling as well as online poker (skill game, not gambling) would result in less crime. How many people get robbed coming or going to a casino, how many people get arrested drinking and driving coming away from a casino? Not a problem if you let them gamble online, and it saves gas/petrol.

Hey it's just my 2cents worth, what do I know?


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