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Jan 19, 2008
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Hit the buttons on me? What the hell are you on about ffs? Do yourself some research. And thanks for the well wishing
These buttons (not sure why it didn't show up in my previous post).ScreenHunter 11188


Nov 25, 2022
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How many companies are there that manufacture RNGs? What organization tests them to make sure they are truely random? If there are more than one to either of these questions, does anybody standout as being better? I have never seen this question or its answers

Time by time, these questions come back. Today was my time, again. :) :) By the way, you can check out on pokerrooms' webpage.

Most people don't even know how they check, audit an RNG. (I don't know it neither.) It is definitely not in the way, how you think, they count on all variation and run the RNG million, billion, trillion times and analize a 100k-1Mx sample compare to possible variations.

Today, just got really upset, again because of that. The bloody PLO... a year+, I have 40%+ ROI over 1k tourneys, however I have something like -20-30% ROI in PLO cashgame, over 250k hands. Insanity. (Both tourneys, CG full with idiots where I play, so it should really balance.) Of course, the variance is wilder, and there is no available correct data like in Holdem. (Today I got beaten vs poker 3 times within half an hour (and dozen more lost 80-20 on river), all on turn or river, yesterday 2 times the same poker within 5 minutes, so 5 times in 400-500 hands... that's something. (meantime lose 70-80% of the flop top sets, dont even mention the AAxxss hands, I am in huge minus in both, what is also insane. Far the best hands in plo.) If anyone ever ran into 5 turn or river poker within 500 hands, share it plz... still dont want to believe, that it can happen, even if it has a bit higher chance in omaha, still insane.)

So checked quickly partypoker and ggpoker audit, do they do anything PLO specific publicly available audit? The answer is no.

(I knew it long time ago, these so called 'independent' auditor companies are not independent at all, they obviously depend on the gambling industry, so they do whatever it takes. It's business. Common sense. They got their money from the gambling site, poker room, not from players. And if someone wants to come with regulators... dont do it, please. Gov, corp legal criminals, they are also after money.)

What I never noticed, and just poked my eyes, they openly admit, these audits equal nothing.




I attached this picture for 2 reasons from GG. 1., In the Hungarian site, this 'audit' is the 'fresh' one from 2017.... :) :) :) 2., It admits what partypoker 'auditor' does, too. (The 'new' one from 2021 on the english site already removed this section!)

The last paragraph:

'BMM has conducted a level of testing which has historically been adequate for a submission of this type. However, inherent in testing in a laboratory environment is the unavoidable litiations of it not being possible to verify the effects of all possible configurations and environments that occur in actual gaming venues.'

(I think, they published this version by mistake anyway... :) :) )

In partypoker case, it sounds like this:

'Disclaimer. While it is not possible to test all possible scenarios in a laboratory environment, iTech Labs has conducted a level of testing appropriate for a component test of this type.'

At least partypoker refresh it in every month, even if it means nothing.

Basically, they say, they can't even test it properly. Then why the hell they are good for??? (selling an illusion...)

You can decide it on your own what it means...

This part was new for me, too. I thought I'll share, as I guess, not many people check it out.

Personally, I don't see any proof for really random RNGs, and also don't see proof that they can't manipulate it, and run their own company bots hand in hand. That is my long years suspicion, as almost all rooms avoid to admit, plenty bots are in all rooms. (What most regulars know, anyway, but doesnt sound good for new, hobby players.) And only this case has a point for not really random RNG, manipulate that. And whoever, whatever say, unfortunately, it is possible.

Now, I checked out other rooms, too. I didn't find any relevant information about RNG audits by game types - obviously I was looking for PLO.

Generally, zero transparency. Maximum a signed, stamped document. That's all.

Avoid CG, play just medium, big field tourneys, hard to manipulate those in long run.

GL at the tables!


Jan 25, 2019
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I often love RNG, that's why I don't get too upset when I'm eliminated when I know I played the hand correctly, it can't be with me every time