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Jan 6, 2019
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I've been looking into the new online sites in Pa. but don't seem to find a lot of info ... I have a few queries if anyone knows ... First off, I do not live in Pa. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to live there to play

1) I can't seem to even download the software, even for the free play ... am I missing something, is it because I don't live there? but can't imagine how they would know that, especially if I'm new - has anyone been able to sign up and play?
2) Assuming I went to Pa. would I be able to play?
3) If I was able to open an account and play there, would I be able to play when I went back home? If not, again, how would they know I wasn't in Pa.
4) If I was to open an account and play, but not in Pa., what could they do to me if they found out besides maybe freeze my account?



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Aug 8, 2018
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Currently, pokerstars is the only active site for PA. You must be located in PA to play. If you go to the Pokerstars website from a PC located in PA, you will be able to download the Pokerstars PA client and play with the pool of players from PA. I strongly recommend against trying to play PA Pokerstars from anywhere outside of PA. You will be caught and banned from playing.