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Hi all,

Long time lurker here who has learned a lot from these forums. Coming to y’all for some help now

Normally every summer I get back into poker (I’m a teacher) but typically don’t use a massive bankroll. During the winter I played on BetOnline and grinding a $40 deposit up to $65 playing .01/.02 games, but when I went to play yesterday, I learned they removed those tables (and .02/.04).

So my question is whether it makes sense to move my BR to another site where those tables exist or try and grind freerolls (and maybe $1 SnG?) until I have an acceptable BR to move to .05/.10.

I read some reviews on different US sites and ignition seemed to have lots of positive ones (and has mobile which would be great for me), but the customer service person said their smallest table is .10/.20 (which was contrary to what the reviews said). Not sure if .01/.02 tables exist anywhere else or if the service on the site would warrant a move.

Thanks in advance for all the assistance


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ACR is probably the best US facing option for .01/.02 and/or low buy ins.


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Hello, I'm the ACR rep. If you need help or have questions please let me know. I'll be more than happy to assist you.


I see you're thinking about Ignition. I thought Ignition was a great site and I deposited $100 and worked up to a bankroll of $1500 through Sit & Gos and Zoom Poker. I withdrew some of that with ease, so I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to stay at lower stakes.