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Sep 7, 2014
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Back in the day when online poker was introduced to online in 2000-2002 around the same time i started taking it serious and new there was real money in it to make. The Governments of our world across the globe turned a blind eye to it and did nothing even thou it was considered illegal or there was something seriously wrong with it. They knew exactly what was going on and what was happening or possibilities of what could happen. And did nothing folks ....absolutely nothing.
poker sites were allowing anyone to sign up. They were not asking for identification, government id , passports. Nothing!! They were allowing little kids to sign up. Allowing criminals to sign up. They were allowing undergound organizations to sign up for all we know. People could make 100s of accounts. One person could make as many accounts as they wanted. It goes on and on. This was happening.
Little kids underage were being allowed to win lots of money off of players illegally and unjustly. Perfect example is Mike (Timex) McDonald and he is walking free living a high life with other peoples money i consider he stole illegally. He was underage! This was allowed and nobody did nothing.
The same kid who now runs a company and is worth millions and millions of dollars.
Nobody says nothing about it why?! The government stays mum about it. Poker sites stays quiet about it.
Enron employees had numerous accounts across poker sites pratically giving money away. Nobody says anything about it. Government stays quiet about, poker sites stay quiet about it.Then the USA government finally decides to do something about it when its too late and so many Americans lost money or had their money stolen from them like a semi ran them over. Why did the USA government and many other governments wait so long to intervene. They could of done it when it first started, but why didnt they?
Now people like myself have to trust these same people who did absolutely nothing about it till it was too late and sat idly by watching it crumble slowly while so many lives were destroyed. why?
The USA government certainly could of done something in 2000-2003 when it all began before so many lives would of been destroyed or affected.by what was going on. But they didnt along with all the other governments of the World. Why?
There is something fishy about it , dont you agree there is something big at play here more than we know for sure. I can tell you that.
The Canadian Government couldnt give a hoot what happenes to Canadians and put the blame on them doing absolutely nothing.
I am one of those players affected by all the sites from Black Friday. Now i am supposed to trust the same people who let it happen help me in getting my money back. Its been since 2017 or certainly more i been waiting for my claims and money to arrive but certainly dont expect a dime. Cause its a ****ing joke.
Garden City Group handling the claims went bankrupt. How bout that. Hmm nothing fishy about that is there.? They paid my Full Tilt claim to the wrong person and said nothing they could do about it when it was my claim. Fraud was commited and i know who it was. They didnt care nor did the government of the USA. I made a claim with poker stars for 52 million dollars that the government denied my claim knowing dam well with the data showing what i was saying was 100 % true. But why did they deny it? Fishy right. Move on to Absolute Poker claim and Ultimate Bet i made claims as well. Never got nothing and still waiting even thou . Garden City Group approved my claim for $1.8 million dollars but i never recieved a penny. They go bankrupt. Now Epiq is taking over Absolute Poker claims. You heard that right EPIQ took over the claims process. And is now making me go thru the same process over again when the claim was accepted. Epiq has been in my opinion harrassing me playing games with my life and my hard earned money in phone calls that feel like prank phone calls being as untransparent as possible without any clarity.
They now tell me it is going for review with the DOJ USA government when it has already gone thru and they denied it as well along with Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet. They accepted my FullTilt but paid the wrong person who commited fraud but not willing to look into it or do anything about it.
Why is it going to review to the DOJ USA Government when they denied it already. I appealed for reconsideration and was asked if i wanted EPIQ or the DOJ to review it . I thought my chances were better with EPIQ being how the DOJ USA Government has treated me with all other claims. But know being told its going to review with the DOJ once again after how many years since 2017 for Absolute. I dont expect to get any of my money cause they are relying on corrupt companies bullshit lies and who knows what elese. If the data is there like they say it is. It should show everything exactly of what i am saying.
I couldnt care less if they accept it or not because i know exactly what they are gonna do like they been doing from the start. Black balling me from my money, my talent, my work, my winnings. I think they are all in it together all of them. My claims total from $50 to $100 Million dollars. This is truth and i dont give to shits what they have to say cause i know its corrupt from the top down. Theres alot more at play here then many think . People are so blind. Smells corruption everywhere you look even the claim insurance companies handling the claims. The World has become a dark , dark place. When a kid with a dream born in canada at the age of 6 knew he was gonna conquer the poker world by storm and in fact he did winning all this money. Little did this kid know and now a adult could imagine how much corruption he was gonna be up against and others stealing and getting their hands on his hard earned money with blood, sweat, tears, pain, sacrifices. Take it and shove it you evil despicable pigs who dont care at all for justice. Its scary how some of these same companies, players involved are walking the streets and public figures. I could name alot of celebrity poker players who watched and did nothing or profited from it. They know who they are. This is facts and all truth in my opinion. Epiq is so cruel for letting my claim drag on like it has and the DOJ. Unbelievable!


Apr 17, 2021
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Anything with chance draws a bad element. Fortunately no-one is made to play. Complaining about underage players and all the things that come with gambling is just Waste of words. Sounds like enjoyment of playing isn't your primary goal. Money comes and goes in normal everyday life. As gambling it's ten times more. Enjoy the game.