Continuous Fluctuation in Poker and God



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Oct 22, 2021
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I'm no physicist, though I'm aware that energy and matter has some peculiar properties. Particularly the wave and particle functions depending on whether there is an observer or not.

I think energy is very interesting. Matter is energy. When we bet at a poker table, we take energy that is potential and move it in an actualized direction. Then your opponent chooses to flow with your energy by just calling, or oppose your energy by raising etc etc etc.

Then there is counterfactual regression that happens in our brains as we play the table. We play poker, make regrets, and learn from regrets, and make less of those same regrets in the future. Basically, we are learning how to dance... at the poker table. Eventually we can perform sophisticated rhythms, melodies and patterns in our "dance" at the poker table.
Instinct is a big part of this process of learning how to "move".. or "flow".
One may ask if its best to be aggressive, passive, a nit, a rock, or whatever else, but the truth is.. you must dance. How you play your song at the table is up to you. But play it, and make it sound amazing! Feel the hidden aspects behind each bet, raise and call.. Feel the timing, feel the unknown. This is the path to greatness. Though it may also be the path to loss.

I have this interesting relationship with God, aka, the holy spirit. It makes sessions at the roulette table very interesting but it in no way guarantees success. One cannot bribe God: eg. "god please give me red". Because fortunately, God cannot be bribed with prayer.. It's just too simplistic and simple to show the infinite wisdom and kindness of the creator of this universe to make a simple: A --> B relationship.

Instead the best way you can do justice to God if you are a poker player is by taking care of yourself and exercise and such, studying the game, study your history, thank God for your successes, thank God for your losses, and learn everything the moment is trying to teach you.

But that is really all we have is this sophistic relationship with God in life. Yes we have others, but even more than our relationship with others is our relationship with God. God wants to dance with you.. at the poker table.

If you want to be a great Poker player, you must understand that you are just a ball of energy concocted to be able to flow and move with others. You must feel the rhythm of the game and add your melody to the song with out being so.. left footed.. that you ignore the songs of others at the table. Understand the rhythm of others and use that as a way to inspire others at the table.

People like creativity at the table.. Just be tasteful with it or God may have a problem with it. Be unique, but know the pattern. Know the GTO way of playing. Flow. Dance. And create wealth, for yourself and others... even at the poker table.



Aug 7, 2020
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Undoubtedly, people cannot do without God's help. Although, in fact, they themselves do not want to make decisions appealing to higher powers, as if they have nothing else to do except help you at the poker table. People never cease to amaze me.