a call for help

So as we know I am at war in poker right now the history of which has been mentioned in other threads.

Initially I was going for low stakes heads up hypers which is a great way to initially start building a poker bankroll, However a terrible way to make a long term viable living of online poker.

0.25/0.40£/$/euro profit per game depending rake structure and standard on various sites if you could get 400 games in a day you would be doing alright and with how quick they are if games always started in seconds and you sat down for 8 hours straight this would be doable. However that is a bit heavy and intense and your just not getting that game volume in unless you spread across multiple sites and that is tough to manage.
Mid stakes are full of strong regs who war you to death if you can break in its a very lucrative income but you have to beat out people who have been doing this and studying constantly for 6 years or more its doable but going to be really hard.

I decided to move over to mtts which is much easier to break into at every stake there seems to be enough people whos total time studying poker lifetime I am guessing was 5 minutes and whos natural IQ is likely 85.

I am doing well but I am fed up of doing well I want to making several hundred a night not just £100 the issue is more about game availability not skill level. I have found mtts have very high variance but have found small sites which have smaller fields which leads to less profit opportunity but much more stable profit.

In normal circumstances this would not be ideal as getting enough games in would not be easy and thus low profit potential, adapting would need to play across multiple sites which is usually a bad idea trying to 24 table across 3/5 sites is normally going to cause all kinds of problems.

Not for me however I have a huge screen and high spec computer which allows me to micro size every poker table and thus I can quickly shrink every table and manually tile across all sites as if just one site.

I am asking for not the biggest site names but the small ones the ones with small fields that allow for lower variance yes the potential big cashes are smaller but the variance is much lower. I am in the UK so not all sites are available to me.

So far I am on Skypoker, Unibet and Coral. Coral is the odd one out the fields too big so too much variance I am very profitable on coral but a bad run lately has led me to realise 100buyin rule there is not enough I would need 200 buyins.