Parsing sessions?



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We all want to increase our skill and level of play-this is an immutable truth.But how to do it in the shortest possible time?
Basically, all the regulars categorically state that in modern realities it is impossible to achieve success without constant work on your game.Watching training videos, reading theoretical articles and books, studying poker hands on a specialized resource, discussions with colleagues on Skype, working with a coach, analyzing problematic hands in specialized poker programs – this is not a complete list of ways to improve poker skills.
All this variety of options encourages the chaotic learning process and its low efficiency.

They insist that one of the most useful types of work on the game is the analysis of played hands in poker software (poker calculator).!!! Do you agree with this statement, and if so, how long do you analyze your sessions and at what time?I would also like to know what programs you use and how simple they are?:joyman:


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Watching videos of great players helps a lot to improve the level of play, also knowing a little game strategy, how the best and worst position at the table are, and knowing the pre-flop hands that are the ones with the highest probability of winning.


Analysis of your game in specialized programs helps you find moments of mistakes and correct them.