A weakness that can be improved



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Nov 12, 2020
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Many people have headaches when they are dealing with maniacs that are constantly stealing blinds and winning hands that are annoying because you can't put them on cards. Jonathan Little has something that I am finding awesome to get past them. This one video put me on a better course when it came to freerolls while I am working on building it.



Jan 7, 2021
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I do not plan to change my life from the new year. Not because I don't believe in cultivation. Of course I believe. I just believe that a change in life should not be related to a change in the calendar. However, it is during this time of year that people most often talk about changes.
I believe in the ability of people to change their lives, improve themselves. I've read many novels and seen enough movies in which the protagonist gets a second chance and succeeds. It always gave me extra motivation. Perhaps because I myself once made significant changes in my life and became happier over time. But I did not stop there, self-improvement is a process that has no end.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying radical life changes are easier than ever. No, it's usually pretty damn hard. But, as illusionist Penn Gillett once said, “Enjoy the hardships. Everything that you love in life, everything that you are proud of, you must deserve. Therefore, you will be proud of it ... Anything that gives a taste of life requires a lot of effort. "