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If you are a poker player, I am sure you have heard of one or two poker software, which is said to be able to assist your game on the table, no matter by odds calculation or live tracker of the game or even real-time suggestions. I was a software enthusiast and once did much research and study on various kinds of software on the market. I never paid for one, though. I tried some trial versions such as PO, PT, Poker Kant, Poker sidekick, and some free odds calculators or even calculation based on website.
Honestly, I did find some of them very useful to me in a period and even depended on them. However, I concluded that after months of trying software in my games, poker software can never replace your own intellect or judgment and none poker software can make you a never-lose winner. So software, no matter what quality and fame it boasts of, can only be a reference tool. Once you acknowledge this, you don't have to bother about choice of software because you know well how is your performance on the table is basically decided by your skill and experience accumulated from thousands of games and your study of these games. Once you have your obtained your own skill and experience on the table, any software can more or less assists you in the way it is designed to function.
what is your opinion you want to share with us?


poker software should be used as a reference to finding leaks in your game. should not use it as a crutch


Id rather not use the calculators, i want to be able to play on my own, not that those who use them dont, but they probably know what the calculator is telling them but dont want to go through the trouble.
Im still new at whole odds thing so id rather be able to figure em out by myself.

As for softwares that track your play and give you stats, those do sound very interesting, but never tried one, since itd take about half my poker bankroll to buy it anyway


I have never used poker software when playing online because I cannot carry a tool like that to the live games I play at the casinos. However, when playing online, I do keep a journal of the players I play against and make notes on that persons play style. I've found this to be useful.