urge to play holdem not there, WILL IT COME BACK?



I've not played alot of holdem lately.Found when I do i'm doing stupid things.Such as stupid all-ins and staying in for hell of it.I know it's not right but do it anyhow.I hope mindset comes back.Anyone ever get in rut like this before? On good side ,I have been playing 5 card draw ($5.50-11.00).But not alot of tourny's on pokerstars. Don't like ringgames.Anyone know any sites that have more choices of tourny's for 5card draw?I do love pokerstars sit-n- gos,i've been making money .But not like a good 1500 person tourny.If anyone has any input write back.I've not been getting involved much because can't type,but do read alot of forums.Very interesting site.It took me about half hour to type this. :confused: I'll try to get involved more but am always reading.Later oldschool teqjim


we all get in ruts. it is the nature of being human playing the game. i am not a big 5 card draw player myself. but i know we have some 5 card draw fans here you may want to try to catch up with T1riel. by the way welcome to the forums:)


I've had this problem before too when i was playing stupid. I just took a break for a while and read some books to help with my strategy and then id be back to playing fine


I've back away from the game for a while. When you're tired of poker, take a couple weeks off. I found that my urge came back and I was playing a lot better. Good luck!


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i've found that i play poorly -- i.e. calling too much, bluffing in the wrong spots -- when i'm bored and just playing for something to do. there are two ways to play poker: 1) play to make money 2) play for fun. if you're just playing as a way to find something to do, stick with the lowest limits. this will help you avoid major damage to your bankroll and also allow you to try different strategies, although sometimes when you find something useful at a low limit table it doesn't work as well at the higher limits.

if you're serious about making money, you really need to be aware at all times of your mindset and mood. if you start getting bored, quit. you should never be bored with making money. if you lose a pot because of a bad decision, you need to quickly figure out what caused you to make that decision. if you were making a calculated play to take a pot down, that is part of the game and we all know that we can't win them all. however, if you made the play because you were frustrated, or were growing tired of folding rags, then you should quit and not come back to the game for a while. going into the living room for five minutes and then coming back won't help -- you'll just be steamed when you get back in. find something to do that requires some physical exertion, as this helps to clear the mind.
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