The teacher becomes the student ...



My sister introduced me to poker about 10 years ago. She invited me to a local freeroll where the top 10 out of 100 would qualify for the Main Event.

She asked if I knew how to play. "I know a little bit" was my response.

She then invites me to come play as there was no buyin needed and if I made Final then I'd be in the M.E. where there would be money on the line.:eek:

So we ended up going and long story short I was the chip leader at this freeroll when it came down to the final ten. Having qualified and been the chip leader my sister was joyous and congratulated me on a first time 'win'.:D

The Main Event rolls around with a 100 player field. Everyone knows everyone but they don't know me.:confused:

Playing through this tourney and down to the last two tables I end up taking my sister out before the Final Table. Man was she PISSED!:mad: , she was my ride home and made it clear to the those within earshot (everyone there) that I could find my own ride home.:eek:

After she stormed out in rage the remaining players congratulated me on not backing down when she was betting agressively.

"Poker is a family but there is no family in poker", I remember one player saying.

Being that this was 10 years ago, the exact details escape me.

I ended up being 'in the money' after noticing players were getting paid there winnings as they were getting taken out.:eek:

I was definitely nervous because this is going to be my very first ever ITM.
As the game carries on and players are getting knocked out and the winnings are getting bigger I begin to play 'tight', as they say.

A few hours down the line and there is only 2 of us left with my stack @ roughly 2:1 to his stack I needed to get home as it was getting late and was more than happy to recieve whatever amount I will get for 2nd place.

2nd place was $875.00. The players shook hands and congrats all around.

I finally make it home and my sister is having a home game and when I walk in she gives me this look that you only give when you are trying to crush a can with your mind.

She asks me; in a very condecending manner,"So... what place did you lose on?".

Playing into it, I drop my smile and droop my shoulders and respond ...

"I was the bubble"

She laughs a devious cackle and says,"If you didn't take me out I would have made the money".

All her guests join in the laughter at my expense being they are in HER house.

I am not one for negativity so I break my charade and calmy walk towards the poker table and throw down 10 $20 bills in front of her.

"How ya' like me now!", is what I proclaim.

Moral of the story I suppose ...

Poker is family but there is no family in poker:deal:


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Congratulations for your family to help you


She scoffed and put her hand out, 'wheres my cut?' she said.

Not a selfish person I gave her $350 and she was happy.

"My best bro in the world!"

"Sis, i'm your only bro."

"Thats why your MY best bro in the whole world"



Now she gives me table respect but I still fear her mean streak, the last time we played she raised 5 times BB preflop UTG and I was UTG(+3).

I had A 10 and I WANTED to call but I knew if I hit my Ace on the flop she would have disowned me.

She had KK.

I folded and the flop came A 10 low card. I sighed. When she raised I knew she had Kings.

Family knows each others tells and play styles?. I believe in that because I so could have destroyed and knocked her out of the tourney after 10 minutes of start time.

Older sister still working the fear in younger bro lmao.

That is only of course because I knew the outcome upon being an observer and not in the hand?. Had the flop came out differently I know I would have a different comment on here.


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Man, your sister is very mean. Sorry I know she is your sibling but such a behavior would suit to a 10 year old girl. I wouldn't give her shit. She must learn to respect you before asking you for your price.


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would be happy to have someone to give you good advice, experienced poker player on your side to become a good player too