poker poetry



Sat down at the table, and stacked my chips,
Blank faces all, a few tight lips.
i eyed each player as i sat down,
it was so quiet, not even a sound.

cards were dealt, i was the button
kings in hand, my face showed nuthin
allin said the guy who was the small blind,
I had to wonder if i was behind

I called and was relieved to see
All that he had was off 2 3.
then came the flop, 4 5 8
his smile so big, like it was fate.

8 outs to sweat with two cards to go
Time was ticking but oh so slow
king on the turn, a sigh of relief
Why do i put mtself thru such grief?

He leaned back & said the river is mine
I thought his comment well out of line
If only the dealer would flip the card faster
6 on the river, lost to the rag master!

He danced a jig, bragging so loud,
A sigh of regret flowed up from the crowd
I shook my head and told him good game
But truly i thought, THIS GUY IS SO LAME! LOL

HOPE U ENJOYED THIS- let me know if you would like more:D


i enjoyed it very much and the one you did for me to i posted it in the lounge


Rising Star
Very nice. It is your orginal composition? I'd like to hear more of your poets. :)