Most Challenging Poker Variant?



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Hey Everyone

I was reading James McManus' excellent book Cowboys Full where he said that two of the most challenging poker variants are H.O.R.S.E and 2-7 lowball.

I can understand that HORSE would be challenging as it would require mastery of five different variants and being able to adjust between them, but could someone explain to me why lowball would be considered so challenging?

I have also read that 5 card draw is perhaps one of the least challenging variants. I was wondering whether anyone agrees or disagrees with these assessments.
FYI when I tried playing a few hands of PLO, after NLHM, it seemed infinitely more complex to me.


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Yes the HORSE, 8-game, 10-game & Dealer's Choice games would be the most challenging as they involve multiple individual games.

IMHO the most challenging individual game would have to be No Limit Omaha Hi-Low since you have variable bet sizes as well as multiple ways to win the hand (or a share). But I've never heard of NLO8 being spread.