Mexican Poker



Rising Star
Let me say a little about poker in Mexico, and some of the best players in the country

ANGEL GUILLEN: Almost like the equivalent of Memo Ochoa in the world of poker. He has won major awards in Bahamas, Melbourne, Vina del Mar, Monte Carlo, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas and Barcelona.

SANTIAGO NADAL: won one of the tournaments held in the Panamanian stop Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT); among his wins a prize of € 178.300 in Barcelona.

CHRISTIAN DE LEON: In addition to belonging to Team pokerstars, De Leon was the captain of Mexican players who managed to win the America's Cup of Poker.

JORGE LIMON: It is the only Mexican part of the Online Team comprising players from around the world who excel in tournaments that are played on the Web and

JERSON Backmann: With less experience than the rest, managed nevertheless remain third in the table end of the main event of the LAPT Grand Final in Peru. After a deal with the first two, the third position but he was high the prize more: 182.252 USD.


well I wil say Mexican poker is between USA poker and Guatemala Poker.

Hopefully they speak Spanish or try to. ! :D