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Nov 26, 2007
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Time for a new monthly goals thread. :)

So for April, my goals were

1. Play $20+2 SNGs on full tilt for a decent ROI. Move up to $30+3 SNGs before the end of the month while adhering to strict BR management rules.
2. Increase BR to over $1000 (from $750 at the end of March)
3. Release last $100 of signup bonus from FT.
4. Get bronze ironman status on FT.
5. Participate in at least two CC buy-in event per week. Win one.

and the results were

1. Did good at the $20+2 and $22+2 with 8.5% ROI over 246 STTs, but failed miserably when attempting the $30+3 and $33+3, where I lost all the money I won at the 20 level.
2. Done, as BR is now $1040, but it's a bit of a disappointment as it did move up to $1350 during the month and has been moving down since then. Also, most of the profit actually comes from bonus and rakeback instead of actual winnings, which is not really satisfying
3. Easily done in the first 10 days of the month
4. Actually got silver ironman
5. Placed 4th twice but no victory this month.

I also played some ring games as I bought Harrington's cash game books, but i still suck at them. I also started playing some PLO and PLOHL ring games and these seem ridiculously easy to beat compared to NLHE. So, my goals for May would be

1. Build up bankroll at the $20+2 and $22+2 STTs
2. Play a few thousand hands of $25 PLO and PLOHL and show a profit
3. Finish reading Harrington's books. Play a few thousand hands of $25 NLHE and break even.
4. Maintain silver ironman status on full tilt.


Aug 11, 2007
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I didnt have a lot of goals, but I did meet my goal of cashing my play chips in for $60, and met the goal of reaching $75 by the end of April by having $155. My goal is to play more sng's, as they have been kind to me, and play more cash games than I have been playing
Joe Slick

Joe Slick

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Feb 27, 2008
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My goal is to lose at least 10 pounds by the end of May. Oops, wrong board. :D

My online poker goal for ring games is to be making money, or at least holding my own, in PS .25/.50 NL by the end of May. I'm currently playing .10/.25 NL with good results and will switch to the higher level after I win another $20 playing NL.

On the SNG front, I do pretty well playing the $5.50 x 9 and x 18. I have been a little gun shy at the $11 SNG even though I've done pretty well when I've played them in the past. My SNG goal will be to commit to the $11 SNG level.

No matter how May ends up, however, I can't complain. Up until my January trip to Las Vegas, my bankroll was flat (+/- $15) for about 18 months. The ultimate rut! Something happened in Las Vegas that, strangely enough, started me on a winning streak. I won't explain it here but I have it in my MySpace blog: Blogs - Vegas Trip Day 2 Part 1 (posted Wed 1/16) - Poker Grumpy MySpace Blog


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Feb 18, 2007
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These were my April goals:

1 - Play 50k hands ( probably all 50nl 6max assuming I achieve goal 3)

Goal achieved - played 51k hands, the majority of which was at 50nlFR. I did dabble at min betaments (why oh why? It just puts me on life tilt)

2 - Maintain Platinum status - follows on from goal 1 as I need 45k hands to achieve Platinum.

Acheived quite easily tbh. Took around 3 weeks as I have had most of the last week off.

3 - For the love of god please run goot. I'm sick of running like s**t. The poker gods have an automatic doomswitch set on my account, coz everytime I get my balance up to $2100, I run like crap.

Ran pretty goot :D, 4ptbb/100.

4 - Post more on CC.

I did to some extent. But I need to contribute more on HA.

5 - Study more and participate in sweat sessions with the study group guys.

Had one session with Chuck, which went really well I thought. Would really like to do more of these as I think it's a far better system to learn techniques, than just reading about them.

Goals for May:

1 - 100K hands at 50nl FR.

2 - Take shots at 100NL

3 - Achieve Platinum

4 - Study more and more sweat sessions.

Ok pretty boring and repetitive, but I really want to push now. I will only go for the 100k hands assuming I run ok for the month.

GL all.