Manias and Supertips



hello everyone.

First of all, I would like to emphasize the enormous contribution that the forum has given in my style of play and in my learning.

To relax a bit, let's ask the following question:

1) What are the manias you have, whether by superstition or because it is a habit even while playing? Both on the net and live?

I know the general understands that poker is a game of skill. But I'm sure that even with all possible skill there are days that beat more improbable games in favor of that against and that can change the scenario that day ... haha


One of my rules sounds: "If its not your day, its not your day. It will not become yours by playing more."

So if I see its not my day, I better quit playing early rather than try to earn back the losses. Theres plenty of time tomoorow for that.
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