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Dec 16, 2006
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Philthy's thread got me to thinking someone may be interested in my little story.

As money conscious as I am ( not a tight wad ) just want to know where ANY of my money goes. I have kept a spread sheet on all the poker sites I play on. These are the dates I started playing on each site...............

12-21-05 - Paradise Poker
08-13-06 - poker stars
10-13-06 - FullTilt
11-24-06 - Ultimate Bet
12-20-06 - bodog

I keep the date, what I played in and how much the buy-in was, how I finished in every tourney or sit-n-go, and how much I won or lost in that particular event. Every "transaction" has it's own entry. If I play a ring game, those are kept seperate and of course how much I win or lose also.

I have noticed that I have won more since being a member here at cardschat. Reading all the threads really helped me out alot.

Well, I guess I've bored you enough (if you got this far) so I'll stop there.


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Oct 13, 2006
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Actually it is not boring at all - and knowing you I am not surprised that you keep up with it in such detail. I wish I could be that disciplined.

It is good to see that all of the reading you have done here has helped improve your game. I know you don't post much - but I see you in here all the time so you must be doing a lot of reading lol.


Aug 5, 2007
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I used to have my records in a notebook. Then neteller made me take a year off. Since I have started back, I have a spreadsheet sort of like yours. It gets charged every day. Some items get more detail, some less. I started the spreadsheet because one of my CC goals was to keep better records. Thanks, CC.
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