Just a Warning About Winning

Have you heard of Positive Tilt? Well i learned how it can hurt your game. So last year i Played and studied Then i started winning for someone Who only won 1 live tourney before and the only internet poker i knew was Zynga and pokerstars was is only freeplay for me. Last year pandemic hit i learned about ACR and thought lets try the old freeroll to bankroll challenge. Winning changed me and i didnt see it till just recently. From January til the end of February i Noticed i was not getting any respect and most of I WASNT MAKING FINAL TABLES lol. Pulled a classic tender foot mistake and began to let my ego take over and blamed my bad play on crap luck, Even though i know there is no luck in poker. (thats for another post) Point is i started to Take poker for granted and instead of making me a better player winning made me forget why i play, and to play smarter not faster lol. Now that i humbled myself i have starting making finals and even won a couple micro. As i type this im bout to make final in a .55 game lol. Soon ill have my roll back and playing at my level. Every player goes broke from time to time lol Keep stacking and Keep improving yall Poker is beatable but if it were easy would we still play?