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Aug 29, 2014
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Not accepting what is true; refusing to believe what is true? Free will to choose with no thought or some thought? If all decisions are predetermined, if all actions are predetermined, then do we really have free will; thoughts, decisions, repeated again and again, where did it stem from, original thought, actions? Predetermined from past experiences, that is just predetermined to repeat again without free will or controlling our own destiny? Future events that require decisions that would simulate free will, has already been predetermined, our choice has been made for us even though, the event has not happened?

People playing betting, folding, checking, calling, and going all in; these and more poker related events repeating themselves; predetermined from what exactly? Past events that are just merely repeating, predetermined from our past experiences? Observation of my own, others mistakes are now can be seen as a routine of predetermined actions? Refuse or accept what is happening around us?

Freewill or robotic actions from a predetermined mind set about actions that have already happened and now are about to repeat themselves? Good or bad, reality of our actions has already happened, what or if anything has changed, can this be avoided? The brain stores our actions, a lifetime of events, experiences, thoughts, decisions, then we decipher what is happening, make conscious choice, or is the choice already been made for us, we just merely repeat a robotic action without thought?

Learning about mistakes from routines of bad choices, free will to change the outcome, but can a person trigger their brain to change their own outcome by making a different decision, even though, the outcome could still be predetermined? I believe free will to learn, can change my own choices when faced with the same set of circumstances in future events that have not taken place at the table. My opponent now is faced with my additional learning at the table, but their own choices are still going to be predetermined, because I have been there to observe their mistakes in past events. Have they changed or will they make the same choice I have known them to make yesterday?

Has my learning changed my skill level, or is the understanding of my opponents on a deeper level help to change anything if all our actions, decisions, are predetermined throughout our lifetime? I have observed at the table my learning has altered my outcomes of games, because my opponent is now making a routine choice, a choice that is made by predetermined bad choice from previous poker games leading up to the current choice in this game.

Free will to consciously make the wrong choice, at the wrong time is now set into motion by an event that already has taken place previously in another session, from one specific leak or even many different leaks, that is repeating itself, the brain is now using the person instead of the person using their brain. Is their actions free will or choices their brain has already made for them, the brain just triggers them to make what would seem to be a choice from free will?

This existence of one leak is the existence of being initself, it will never change, it is the very being of thing, it does not change as long as it exists. It will only change if the person accepts that a leak exists, then make a conscious choice to change their predetermined outcome or themselves cease to exist.

Learning let me go beyond my own predetermined outcome of making my own mistakes that I have repeated, until I was learning away from the table, and then practiced to the point of unconscious competence from observing then playing. Is learning the only free will that can change our outcome or is learning a predetermined action that our brain sets into motion for us? What to believe or accept?
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