Any advice from the pros on how to CRUSH microstakes/freerolls?



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im on acr, blackchip and betonline. I can only afford freerolls now and i consistently last for hours and make it to 20th-40th 60 percent of the time which doesnt really mean anything other then im decent againts non experienced players. I make a couple final tables here and there and ive just been grinding and studying for weeks (started online poker a month ago). I just want to make 5, 10 to 20 bucks so i can play some dollar games or 5 dollar games because i know i would make more money going farther into a tournament with higher stakes. its ridiculous i play for 3 hours with 700 people and somehow have to make it to tenth place to make 55 cents. so many times ive made it to 20th place and end up busting. so what are some tips on how to play short stacked when theres only 20 people left and also how should i play when i have a large stack and what is the best tip for making it to the FINAL table. thanks to anyone who answers.


I'm far from being a pro but I have a lot of FR experience.If I'm trying to build a BR .What I do is try to at least cash in an ACR FR, then take that .55 to a short cash TBL .After that I try to make enough to play a $1.65 9 man SnGo , then I ether cash and keep building in the small SnGo's or go back to the FR's.
My best advice for playing the ACR FR's is to Dbl up early and fold a lot late in the game.



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Freerolling and playing in $2 and $5 tourneys are night and day in my opinion.

The quality of play goes up very steeply once you get out of the "under $1" range from my experience.

You mentioned Blackchip which has some fantastic micro stakes formats. the $.50 + $.05 (on demand tourneys) as well as the $.10 + .01 ($100 grntee) is where I would start.

There is also a daily $3 + $.30 tourney that has 5 hours of late registration. Usually when registration ends, the payout percentages will exceed 60%-75% of the remaining players. While it can be extremely hard to win a tourney coming in this late with such a short stack, I have actually had multiple "in the money" in this tourney without playing a SINGLE HAND.

This can be an easy way to build a micro bankroll. I think 50-200 buyin's is considered a stable bankroll for moving up in stakes.
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