ACR Bad Beat Twitter Feed

Ever wish that you could vent about all the bad beats that you take in a place where it might actually garner some attention and potentially become a call to action?

I have started a Twitter Account where players can post all of their bad beat hands and MAYBE, if we can post enough of them, ACR will take a look at their RNG, servers, whatever and find a way to improve the site.

I DO KNOW that bad beats are part of the game, especially now that we have a ton of new people joining online poker who have no idea how to play and are VERY bad. But that's exactly the point. They should be logging in and getting their asses kicked for the most part, but that is NOT what is happening.

Anyway, I am NOT on here to say online poker is rigged or stir up any conspiracy theories ( even if it IS and conspiracy theories are awesome!) My goal is just to have a little fun and let others have a little fun while we try and bring attention to a big problem.

SO, here's what you do. Follow and post screenshots or replayer links here: and with all of your posts make sure to include the hashtag #ThanksPhil.

And please put your feedback here or there so I know what you guys think.
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