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This is a 1/2nl game 9 handed utg limps utg1 and utg 2 limp. I'm on the button with jcjh I raise to 15. Sb calls bb calls and everybody else calls. Flop is 9c 5s 5h. Checks to me I raise to $30. Utg calls. Turn is 2s. Utg checks i raise to $50. He raises to $150. I call. River is jd. Utg shoves I call. He shows 9h9d we scoop an $800 pot with an epic river card.


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Good for you mate. Usually check raise means a strong hand or a bluff, you know that I suppose. Specially because, he called your initial raise that means he can have any kinds of hands. So, Play with precaution next time. Your luck won't last forever.
He could even have A5s but, I like the raise at the turn card. You can also check and see the river and call river bet. That way the pot will be smaller. But, a fold wouldn't be so bad if the bet is bigger and if you had not rivered Jd.
Jon Poker

Jon Poker

I agree the raise surely reps a strong hand or a stone cold bluff - and hopefully you know a little about your opponent to make the correct decision. If he had been a very tight passive player, i wouldve taken serious note there on the turn and even considered folding my jacks...hell, i wouldve considered folding aces if he had been super snug all night. That being said though - if he was the type to play A9 and raise it in that spot, its an easy call, we dont put him on such a big hand, and we go to the river anyhow.

Luck was on your side that night and set you up for a big win. Hope your game keeps going well.


His c/r on the turn after a brick is screaming "I have a set". Fold and move on. But honestly I have trouble with running into sets as well. Before you call next time, you should tank and think a little, don't just snapcall.

Then you'll get away from it easier. It helped me to do it this way at least.


In the flop you cbet 1/3 of the pot, and less than 1/2 in the turn, without notes I will put the villain in a wide range, he calls in the flop with 9 with good kicker, any suited with 5, A5 or any pair above TT, in the 3bet on the turn I will restrict his hand, for TT+, K9, A9, 5X or 99, you are wining only of something close to 10 percente of his hand, in this situation I prefer to fold.


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On thing I have learned playing live poker. If the other guy check raises you he more often than not has it. When you honestly look at this board what can he have? Is he just check raising any 9 he has? Probably not. Does he have pocket 9's or he has a 5? Hell yes he would. Would he raise pocket 10's possible? He would have re raised higher pocket pairs. So what are we really beating here when he check raises.

Great result as you won.


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maybe that was just your lucky day. He keeps calling and reraising since he thought that he have the strongest card from the flop to turn with 9 trip which since the others are pair of 5 and 2, He tried to scare you with $150 raise but your lucky that you fight for it but that was a bad move for me as a tight player since there are pair of 5 which means he can be trio 5 or worse four 5. but overall nice play and great luck
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