Position use in low limits.



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Apr 18, 2008
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Well, improving my game is something I am determined to do, at this moment in time I am playing on low limit tables (0.01/0.02) to build up my bankroll slowly, using the 5% rule (I read the article but can't remember who it was by)

Anyway, with almost everyone at these tables playing LAG I sit back and play TAG and suprisingly I'll often get called all the way to the river.

Anywho, with a table full of players who do not take position in to account at all and have close to no starting hand requirements, should I worry so much about positioning?

I've really wanted to get some practice in with my positionings so that I learn to use them well, and so far my only opportunity to do that has been during tournaments.

So, what do you think? Is it still so important for me to take position in to account when playing against a table full of LAG players that do not take position in to account at all?

(Not talking so much limping in early position with a mediocar hand, more mid position with a mediocar hand)

The percentage of the players I am playing will not fold their cards with bottom / mid pair and obviously I take advantage of this but it just doesn't seem worth it to play positionally on a table that will almost always call my raises after the flop depending on how scary it is / whether they hit a part of it.

Thanks :)


Jan 27, 2008
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Yes if the dont take postion in to acount thats good for u, use postion in your advange against them.
U should use every thing u can to get an upper leg on your vilians


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Feb 4, 2008
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Its probably (just for these limits) better not to care about position if you're playing tight, which you should be vs loose maniacs like most .01/.02 games are.. most of the time they are only paying attention to their cards, but thats just my opinion. By the way its Chris Ferguson's article I believe.


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Jan 2, 2007
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Yeah, position matters a lot less when your opponents are retarded. But it is much easier to build big pots from in position. I would suggest opening up your starting hand requirements just a bit from the button & cutoff, mostly because if you flop a strong hand, you're more likely to win a big pot when you're acting last. But you're right, when you can add bluffing and other moves to your game, position starts to matter a lot more.