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I Played lots of games in poker rooms in the last months. And now I first time used a hud.

I had great sucess with it on one side but I also lost harder.... I think I make still super bad misstakes and Im sure i have extreme flaws in my play.

I now analyzed my hand(s) and Im sure this should help me alot, but the thing is Idk what numbers are good.

Id like to maybe see a few of these tables from players who play a bit better or maybe get pointers from you what i could improve on or how to read this / use it to improve.

Idk what missed cbet means. are these situations in wich i should have cbet?


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I use to be very HUD dependent. About 5 or 6 months ago. I started to focus strongly on pre flop and post flop fundamentals. I've set a few general rules for myself, and with those rules I find I'm still ver profitable. I dont need to depend on my HUD as much anymore....

If anything I use it to find spots where I can take an exsploitive line....

In general if you see something like 25+/20+ you can classify them as loose. This means you should be able to 3Bet them wider. To confirm you can stretch your 3Bet range to exsploit this players frist you should have possition, and they are opening from middle to late possition. Thus they need to be positioned close to you. Second check thier fold to 3Bet % if it's high (70+). do it till they catch on (with an appropriate stretch ranch of course).....

Now let's say they are 12-/10-.... these are your NITs, they are only getting it in with the top of the top of thier range.... typically avoid giving these players actions when they are opening.... that is not to say they are not exploitable. If they are passive postflop chances are you can take down a lot of hands in possition when they check the flop and turn.... also if they dont 4Bet alot, and fold to 3Bets alot. You can 3Bet a standard range, and get better to fold alot....

I could go on all day with diffrent player types based off those stats. If you would like more feel free to send me a message.


You can hover to the stats in hand2note to find out the stats meaning.

Missed Cbet means you raised preflop and checked the flop
VS missed Cbet means you bet after preflop aggressor checked back flop

Your sample size is too small to analyse so the observations below may not be that reliable.

1. BTN RFI seems too low
2. Fold to 3bet and Fold to cbet seems too low
3. Limp and Donk Flop freq seems too high


Thanks for the answer. I just played 2 tournaments where I tried to focus more on fold to cbet and 3bet and I must say that It was good that I thought about it and was more careful.

I give more respect to positions when considering a bet now aswell. Being on the button is really nice. Ive also lost alot when I played something semi good out of position and the flop was bad for me...

I researched donk betting and I see now how its stupid. It sometimes helped me and sometimes not...

Thanks for the suggestions. Ill consider all of it and work on it.


I dont know this particular HUD, so I will not dive to much into the nerdy details of these stats. However I am pretty sure, that the first line means "raise first in", which mean how often you open the pot, when it folds around to you.

And those stats indicate a lack of positional awareness. You should open way more hands on BTN than UTG, and you seem to be opening almost the same range from every seat on the table.


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Small sample but.

Rase first in .EP-MP To high .CO-SB to low (but maybe it s variance)
You should fol to 3bet more. People 3bets light to little (I assume you play in microstakes)
Caling preflop is quite good (might be bit smaler) depends what you 3 bet range
3 Bet to high
You should consider more folding to c-bet on flop.

Donk beting to high (max 1-5 %) Only shoud be used vs very bad players then holding air on dry bords or vs caling statation when you hit strong hand)


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In my opinion you shouldnt worry too much about these stats. Its 3.1k Hands sample. If anything you can determine youre Vpip, PFR and 3bet overall. The samples for each position and postflopstats take a bigger sample to be accurate.

To get somewhat accurate stats play like 50k hands, and even then you only get a decent idea of youre preflop game.

Keep the grind up ;)
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