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Hi guys, I am looking for some CG micro stakes and small stakes poker hands analysis/discussion. I was looking for some on 2+2 but there are lots of threads posted by guys who make mistakes that I do not anymore. And above all so many comments by guys that are obviously not deeply thinking at all. Do you know some links to good hands analysis stuff? maybe in PDF format? Or good suggestions who should I follow and what threads should I read? I know this is a tough one but I will be grateful for any advice. Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi, here you can find a lot of information about cash game, included hand reviews from our members, I advise you to search what you want to get information.

I like to see review of tournaments or cash game in YouTube, there are a lot of good videos, but be careful with what your style of play, and what you need to improve. I had seen a lot of diferents tips, some tell to play more lose aggressive and anothers to play more tight, you can follow any style, but try to use the both simultaneous can be a mistake.

Each level there are its strategy, the advisable is to play one level above of the villains level, you play a lot of level above you will try to do some advanced techiniques and it will not have the expected effect, because some types of bluffs are not good against certains players.

If you need tip to play any especial hand you can make a thread here in the forum, and wait ours members to help you with their ways of how to play theses spots, you will expand you way to think in certains situations and you able to make decisions with more efficiency against differents types of villains.
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