Local Poker Club Cash Game Structure: playable?



Dec 4, 2017
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Hi there CC's, I am from state of Brasília - DF - brazil, and I have a poker club nearby.
I would like to ask the community what you guys think about this Cash Game structure:

The game starts with BRL 100 NLHE and in two hours the game becomes BRL 200 NLHE.
Every two hours the limit grows and when is during the night, we are playing BRL 1000 NLHE or farther.

The Rake is 12% of the pot postflop. (The rake decreases according to the increasing of the stakes. I guess for 1000 NLHE is 5%). Preflop there is no rake.

Everytime there is a player in the Button it has to put in the pot unintentionally, BRL 10.
Thus, there is 1 blind of the BB, 0,5 blinds of the SB, plus 10 blinds of the Button which is equal to 11.5 blinds dead in every pot to dispute.

Is possible to play in a structure like this? If it is possible,
How many buy-in do you believe it is necessary?
We should play more tight or more aggro due to the "antes" or the giant preflop pot of 11.5 blinds every hand?
Which tips would you give to play cash game live?


Carlos 'Aballinamion' Barbosa


Mar 22, 2018
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Is there any rake cap ? Giant ante reduces SPR and in this case you could just open jam hands like A5s from UTG with 100BB to be profitable (without rake consideration), as the pot is already bloated to 11.5BB
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