did i play this right



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Hey guys, I'm trying to grind my way to a bank roll. Have made it from $2.25 up to $10.05 after this last loss. My opponent had been playing pretty loose and had just doubled up off of a flush draw that he went all in on. I was putting him on either a draw or a king with a worse kicker. His min bets seemed strange to me because it was the first time I had seen him just keep min betting and I simply called expecting him to raise me the next hand.

Did I play this right and if not how could I have played it better? As I said, I was very confident he didn't have a made hand and that is why I had no real fear in going all in with top pair and a flush draw.

Seat 7: mihabear ($2.11)
Seat 8: vierry26 ($2)
Seat 9: PacMyc ($0.86)
PR3C0GNITI0N posts the small blind of $0.01
agonyship posts the big blind of $0.02
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PR3C0GNITI0N [Jd Kd]
mihabear folds
OJumpyO stands up
vierry26 folds
Amok91: yessssssssss
PacMyc folds
863tb87362 folds
Amok91 calls $0.02
fcolnaghi2 folds
PR3C0GNITI0N calls $0.01
agonyship checks
*** FLOP *** [9c 2d Ks]
La RoLliNg sits down
PR3C0GNITI0N checks
agonyship checks
Amok91 bets $0.02
PR3C0GNITI0N calls $0.02
agonyship folds
*** TURN *** [9c 2d Ks] 7
PR3C0GNITI0N checks
Amok91 bets $0.02
PR3C0GNITI0N raises to $0.06
La RoLliNg stands up
Amok91 raises to $0.28
PR3C0GNITI0N has 15 seconds left to act
PR3C0GNITI0N raises to $0.59
Amok91 raises to $0.90
PR3C0GNITI0N raises to $2.02, and is all in
Amok91 has 15 seconds left to act
Honeybunny1986 sits down
Amok91 calls $1.12
PR3C0GNITI0N shows [Jd Kd]
Honeybunny1986 adds $1
Amok91 shows [Jc Tc]
*** RIVER *** [9c 2d Ks 7d] Q♥
PR3C0GNITI0N shows a pair of Kings
Amok91 shows a straight, King high
Amok91 wins the pot ($3.87) with a straight, King high

Thanks for the help everyone.


The only thing I don't agree with here is the call on the flop. I think a raise would've been a better play though a player like that could've called anyway, but he might've backed off to a shove on the turn.


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Check raise on the flop for me, but going by the way the guy was re-raising on the turn, I don't think you were getting rid of him regardless.


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Basically, I would raise this hand preflop. As played: Since the board is relatively dry, I wouldn't give him too many draws into his turn bet-raising range and would therefore act a bit more passively on the turn.