The Flush and Straight Curse



Maybe I'm being paranoid, but every time I get a straight somebody else has a flush. Sure, you should suspect a flush when there is three of the same suit on the community. But, you think some time nobody has the flush. One instance I had the highest straight you can get. The guy I was up against bet enough to put me all in. There are three of the same suit on the community. I think about it longer than I should have. Even one of the players who was already out asked to see my hand to help me out. When he looked at it, he was clueless on what to do as well. I decided to call and sure enough he had the flush. What's the point of all this? If you have the highest straight and you're up against someone who bets big enough to put you all in and may or may not have a flush, do you fold or call?:stupido3:


in that situation there is one thing that helps which is time. hopfully you have had time at the table to see how the players play if he all ins me and he has not bluffed once in a hour well i dont see any reason for him to start now. like wise if he has bluffed alot then i might call him. (sometimes this pays off and others it does not) if you dont want to be put out and you will still have a good enough amount of chips to continue then the safe bet would be to lay them down. it is tough to make that call on line becuase face to face you may be able to get a read. hope your strs run true from now on unless you are sitting across from me lol. good luck


I hit a flush 2-1 to a straight, so would be weary of someone calling all-in with 3 suited cards on the table. If I have a straight before the river and there are 2 suited cards on the table, I go all-in, I never let a player who is sitting waiting on the river for a flush see it for free

I think you made the right call, I would have called unless I got a read from him/her


I know exactly how you feel, i realize it's a part of the game but it seems to never fail, if i get the nut straight someone ends up w/ a flush or a full house or something even worse. If i get trips someone gets a flush, str, or full house. I don't know, maybe we are playing wrong, but it seems like to me 99% of the ppl i play against anymore aren't concerned with what's on flop but what may be after it. Perhaps i need to hone my ESP skills? :p



Lay it down.

One of the many things of the 10%-15% of players that are profitable at Poker do is lay down moster hands when the board shows they are beat and no almost positive reason not to believe it.


Lay it down

I would say that you have to lay it down. Sometimes you have to lay down good hands. Remember it is not the hands you win, its the hands you lose that will put you out.
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