Call of the year on Live at the Bike?



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Watch one of the most incredible calls of the year, an epic $88,000 pot between Art & Gal.

It's the hand everyone is talking about and you can watch how it all went down here:

Would you have made the call?


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Not sure who is behind the account (Ryan, Bart?), but I love LATB, watch almost every day its on. Would I have made the call? no, but I do not claim it is correct...I'm not sure I would ever be in that spot to begin with :)
I often play at the bike when I can make it out there, perhaps one day I will be on the show :) (lower limits, of course!)
Love then content you put out, and what you do for the community.

Aaron Soto

Aaron Soto

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Only on Live at the Bike will you see someone win a pot of 89,000$ with a pair of 3's on a 7,3,5,J,10 board texture. Well done by GAL! wow. Amazing sick call......I would have instant folded right on the flop to the re-raise. :)


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Weird things happen when you drink in public - or a the office!

I'm sure WK knew all the details of his contract.

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