Aggression in the later stages is the key to placing in MTT



May 28, 2006
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Hi all, and merry christmas :icon_sant

Over the past month I have decided to increase the aggression in the latter stages of MTT and it seems like it works.

It is only a small sample, but this month so far I have played 40 MTT, all 50 - 350 players, and I have hit the final table on 7 occassions. (And made a nice profit, thank you very much :) )

After a period of time playing extra tight I decided to increase the pace.

I don`t make stupid bets, but I will put other players to the test and make them make the decision.

The upsides are numerous, including
  1. You win lots of blinds when they are worth it.
  2. People avoid playing pots against you.
  3. People will eventually get sick and they call when u have a hand.
The downsides seem to be
  1. From time to time you get caught out.
  2. You bubble on a regular basis. (I have been the bubble boy 5 times out of the 40 :( )
So you need to accept that you will place high or go out after 4 hours of play.

I know it might be basic stuff, but I though it would be good to share with you all.


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Sep 23, 2007
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Player without a country

Aggresion pays. Just learn when to back off..............:cool:
Happy Holidays..............:cool:


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Dec 23, 2007
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This is something I have come to believe that Aggression really does pay off in on-line Poker !

It's not what cards you have but what they think you have that counts, I am not a good player or even a fair player, I lost my Deposits of Euro600 in 2 months and am playing $0 to $? via Freeroll.

My point is that when I play more aggressively, see more flops i.e. 40% and raise pre-flop more often thats when I seem to win most. I'm still figuring it out and without the aid of PokerTracker etc just making careful notes on my performance (or lack of.)

Merry Christmas :)


Dec 18, 2007
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I'm still figuring it out and without the aid of PokerTracker etc just making careful notes on my performance (or lack of.)

Link me please.

But yes, I find it much more useful to be more aggressive in the later stages of a tournament, even if you are semi-short stacked. People will fold their raggedy aces and small pocket pairs. As long as you aren't making large bluffs for all of yours or someone else's chips, you should be fine.


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Sep 2, 2007
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firstly aggression is key throughout the tourny, but at the end most important. You still dont want to be raising for the sake of raising. In early position still dump hands such as rag aces. But in late position you want to be raising a lot more, but not with hand like k7, j6. But raise it up from here with hands such as ace rag, 67 suited, j,t. Basically any hand that you wouldnt mind seeing a flop with knowing you can hit something good enough. So dont be overly aggressive, just keep it in moderation


Mar 27, 2007
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Well the ablitly to read a table when you can knock off the blinds is a nice thing to have. But being able to read yourself even more key to success. You need to play with out feeling and be able to shut it down with a click of the mouse. Have to remember this one thing.
Even though you are about to bubble, the quality of player seems to be a bit more respected. I like putting fealer bets out of position to bait the monsters waiting to bite. More often then not I would get at least two or more going for the prize while I fold calmly and make it past the bubble.
Baiting is what I do best when it comes to bubbles and get me ITM.