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Ring game. Low limits

** Game ID 13768902 starting - 2006-11-04 14:04:57
** Truely Excellent [Hold 'em] (2.00|4.00 Pot Limit - Cash Game) real money

- MNM sitting in seat 1 with R439.50
- loopy sitting in seat 2 with R506.00
- Gotti sitting in seat 3 with R166.00 [Dealer]
- Da_One sitting in seat 4 with R247.48
- annie sitting in seat 5 with R180.50
- kirkd sitting in seat 6 with R72.25

Da_One posted the small blind - R2.00
annie posted the big blind - R4.00

** Dealing card to loopy: Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts
kirkd called - R4.00
MNM folded
loopy raised - R12.00

Marginal hand to raise, but a lot of very loose players limping with anything here. I also try to steal the button here.

Gotti called - R12.00
Da_One folded
annie called - R12.00
kirkd called - R12.00

** Dealing the flop: Ace of Hearts, 8 of Clubs, 4 of Diamonds
annie checked
kirkd bet - R8.00
loopy ????

I'll post the hand a stage at a time after your comments (It's also pot limits, btw)


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Ok, no takers so far (the dumb title isn't helping I'm sure) :)

Ok, so lets fast forward a bit and get to the interesting bit:

loopy raised - R25.00
Gotti called - R25.00
annie folded
kirkd called - R25.00

** Dealing the turn: 7 of Spades
kirkd checked
loopy ???


I like the flop raise but the 3 cold calls really scare me...

I mean there are no legit draws out there to be chasing; I can only see AK, smaller aces, or hands that have you dominated (2 pair, set).

I might check-fold here unless these guys are unusually loose and/or are calling stations.


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1) What would they call 3xBB with preflop
2) Is there a chance that one of those 3 hands hit the board bigger than you
3) Slow down! :)

Gotti and kirkd are still in it, one has shown aggression other one just calls. Check this one and see what happens, it is a rainbow and no real straight draws unless someone valued 56 suited high preflop and stayed in.

just slow down, see what happens, try to win a moderate pot, but its big enough now and try to read them,


I would raise big here. If they hit middle or bottom pair, you don't want them pairing their kicker (or worse, their Ace kicker). You probably have the bets hand right now. Represent.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Preflop is fine, flop is fine, I check the turn wanting to get to showdown as cheaply as possible here. The board is light on draws, so I don't feel too bad about giving a free card to anything, and there is always a chance someone is slowplaying something big.

Basically, exercise some pot control.


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My thinking mirrored T1riel's exactly - and these guys had been overplaying middle pairs and TP with weak kickers (especially Ax), so I put in a pot-sized bet.

This would put both players all-in effectively. Now, is this a goof or not, I can't decide: On the one hand, if they've beaten me, I've limited my losses. If I win, then awesome, I've taken all their cash.
But on the other, they'll only call if they have something huge, so I may as well go with a smaller bet.

Overall I think the pot sized-bet was an error. And the majority agree by suggesting a check-fold strategy. If you do check-fold, to what bet would you fold on the turn (would you fold to an 8 buck bet for instance?)??

For the results-oriented:
loopy bet - R120.00 (pot limit)
Gotti went all-in - R129.00
kirkd folded
loopy called - R129.00 (nine bucks extra)
Gotti shows: 8 of Spades, 8 of Diamonds

** Dealing the river: 2 of Hearts
Gotti wins R374.25 from the main pot

End of game 13768902

I told you they were loose :) - but her implied odds were great and I paid her off.[\I]

The good news is I didn't lose in the session -- I very seldom do anymore; thanks in part to the team here at CC ;-)
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