Three Of A Kind vs. 2 High Pairs


Black Jack

A friend and I were playing when we got stuck in our game. We don't know who would've won this hand since neither of us has been in this situation before. Below is each of our hands. He has 2 Pairs of Aces & Kings. I have a Three of a Kind with Queens. Who would've won? Why?

My Hand:
Red Queen - Hearts Suite
Red Queen - Diamond Suite
Black Queen - Clover Suite
Black Jack - Spades Suite
Black Seven - Clover Suite

Opponent's Hand:
Red Ace - Hearts Suite
Black Ace - Clover Suite
Red King - Diamond Suite
Black King - Clover Suite
Red Nine - Diamond Suite


Rock Star
Ermmmm.... 3 of a kind always beats 2 pair. Heres the heirachy of cards beginning from the lowest:
High card (no pair, player with highest card wins)
2 Pairs
3 of a Kind
Full House
Quads (4 of a Kind)
Straight Flush
Royal Flush


"3 of a kind always beats 2 pair."

On a side note if you have two pair Kings and Twos and your opponent holds Queens and Jacks, you win the pot. Whoever holds the highest pair if bothhold two pair wins. You dont combine the "pair values" or whatever.

I know your question wasnt about this but I figured Id throw it in as well.