Straight flush chase turned bluff...opinions?



Feb 2, 2005
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Villain is decent, but still a fairly weak player as everyone is at 1/2 (10-handed btw). Though he is probably the strongest player at the table aside from me (ya that's right - i'm that full of myself :p but seriously this is a table full of shortstacked donks)
I had been playing very tight aggressive, only raising PF and never chasing and i believe thats why this play worked.
I believe I had odds to chase to the river, but the reason i called the turn was because his bet felt really weak, and i decided i'd try and make a play on the strongest player at the table for once on the river.
I think he must have put me either on a set or a flopped straight due to the cold calls and PF limp...


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May 4, 2006
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That check on the river looked real weak. I don't really think there was much possibility of a check/raise here (well obviously.. but you know what i mean!). He was probably completely confused at the cold calls, and you seized the opportunity. Nicely played.

Not really sure what the villain had in this instance. Heck, he could have very well been betting a draw.. and you'd have been ahead the whole way with a pair 5's ;) Or maybe something like a T7, hitting top pair with a weak kicker on the flop.
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