some people amaze me



Game # 125912711: Texas Holdem Pot Limit ($0.10/$0.25) 08/25/2006
Table "Mercer St" (real money) Seat 8 is the button

Seat 1: capt.tbag ($47.07)
Seat 2: Heraab ($19.05)
Seat 4: BowlingDad ($10)
Seat 5: KINGofPOKER ($6)
Seat 6: PLAYNIT ($65.46)
Seat 7: Shortstacked ($16.49)
Seat 8: pkrgrl ($9.40) [button]
Seat 9: TaraSW ($9.87)
TaraSW: posts small blind $0.10
capt.tbag: posts big blind $0.25
BowlingDad: makes up big blind $0.25

>>> HOLE CARDS <<<
Dealt to Shortstacked [Ac Kd]
Carella joins the table at seat #3
Carella brings $10 to the table
Heraab: folds
BowlingDad: checks
KINGofPOKER: calls $0.25
PLAYNIT: calls $0.25
Shortstacked: raises $0.75 to $1
pkrgrl: folds
TaraSW: calls $0.90
capt.tbag: folds
BowlingDad: folds
KINGofPOKER: folds
PLAYNIT: calls $0.75

>>> FLOP <<< [Jh Ah 5s]
TaraSW: bets $0.50
PLAYNIT: folds
Shortstacked: raises $4.75 to $5.25
TaraSW: calls $4.75

>>> TURN <<< [Jh Ah 5s] [Tc]
TaraSW: checks
Shortstacked: bets $10.24 and is all-in
TaraSW: calls $3.62 and is all-in
Shortstacked: uncalled bet ($6.62) returned

>>> RIVER <<< [Jh Ah 5s Tc] [Ts]

>>> SHOWDOWN <<<
TaraSW: shows [8h Jd] (two pairs, Jacks and Tens)
Shortstacked: shows [Ac Kd] (two pairs, Aces and Tens)
Shortstacked: collects $20.44 from the pot
TaraSW sits out
Carella sits in

>>> SUMMARY <<<
Total pot $21.49.


I guess they have some kind of dislike of money. What site was that on?
Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Charcoal Mellowed
Wow, well played ShortStacked. I'm amazed you were able to take that entire stack. It's not like the misplayed A-rag, this was second pair with a lowsy kicker. LOL. vn.
Four Dogs

Four Dogs

One of the perks of No Limit Low Limit. Remember this next time you suffer a terrible bad beat.


Inside TaraSW head after the post flop raise: "Wow, that a big raise. What the hell? I'll call. I have middle pair with ok kicker and a flush draw. I'm feeling lucky."

Try higher limits if you can for better play.