QQ vs Flop Shove 25NL 6max



Jan 8, 2007
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I think this is the 4th time today that I have been shoved in a situation just like this, I dont know what is going on. Villain has been very strange. He was very, very loose right when I sat down, tightened way up, and then loosened way up and was making stupid plays. Earlier he flat called my raise with QQ then shoved when someone 3-bet us.

Anyways here are his stats: 34/8/1

I have been 24/23/1.1

pokerstars GAME #16519350198: HOLD'EM NO LIMIT ($0.10/$0.25) - 2008/04/05 - 23:46:31 (ET)
Table 'Albiorix II' 6-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: ampa123 ($13.60 in chips)
Seat 2: bw07507 ($37.05 in chips)
Seat 3: doopy1 ($30.20 in chips)
Seat 4: Mckjr77 ($6.70 in chips)
Seat 5: d4n13l ($79.45 in chips)
Seat 6: qqch13 ($25 in chips)
doopy1: posts small blind $0.10
Mckjr77: posts big blind $0.25
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bw07507 [Qs Qh]
d4n13l: folds
qqch13: folds
ampa123: raises $0.50 to $0.75
bw07507: raises $1.95 to $2.70
doopy1: calls $2.60
Mckjr77: folds
ampa123: calls $1.95
*** FLOP *** [8h 6d 7c]
doopy1: checks
ampa123: checks
bw07507: bets $5
doopy1: raises $22.50 to $27.50 and is all-in
ampa123: folds
bw07507: ?


Is drawing with AK
Jan 2, 2007
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What an ugly flop. This really comes down to pot odds. There's $18.35 in the pot and it costs $22.50 to see a showdown. So you're getting 1.8:1 on your money, or you have to be ahead 36% of the time.

This flop is so ugly, and our villain is loose enough to be playing hands like 78, 9T, 66, ect. Especially since he cold called in the small blind. Even when we're not up against a set or two pair, we're probably facing a strong draw. Its not an easy decision by any means. The check/raise and your read on him that he's loose makes me lean towards calling, yet his low aggression factor make me lean towards folding.

This is a really ugly spot. We're not drawing too thin against 2 pair (1:3), and we're 1.5:1 to beat 99 or 55. I think I'd lean towards folding this spot, but its a really hard decision. If you have a particularly strong read, that would sway me one way or the other, but my first inclination is to fold.

/me votes for fold


Apr 1, 2007
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The flat call pre-flop I think indicates he doesn't have an over-pair because the way you described him, he would have pushed with even J-J. So the best hands I can put him on are 10-9 or a set. I would probably fold this hand because he is playing loose as you say and eventually he will make this play when you have a better hand.

* Ketz votes for fold


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Feb 18, 2007
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Normally this would be a fold against normal opposition, but if you have seen him doing this before then I'm afraid it may be time to look him up. He's doing this with a lot of hands from the sound of it, he could easily be doing this with 99/TT/JJ, 2 overcards, draws etc.

It would be nice if we had seen him showdown some stuff prior to this, but given the history I vote for call.