Puzzled on course of action



OK, reads,
very passive pre flop, aggressive post flop,

1)let me elaborate a touch, seen him limp with AA KK AK and AQ pre flop only to go all in post flop on any pairing of his hand or under cards

2) very active, limps into most pots with any A-K or Q combo, doesnt seem to be a suited whore

3)this is bubble, 1 more out and its money time

***** Hand History for Game 14637959 *****
200/400 TexasHTGameTable (NL) - Tue Dec 19 05:54:11 EST 2006
Table Card Room Table 80507 (real money) -- Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 1: JackDaHammer (2914)
Seat 2: J Davies (9405)
Seat 3: mis smoak (6175)
Seat 4: txapi (6875)
Seat 5: brewcrewjoe (2995)
Seat 7: SalvadoreAli (5273)
Seat 9: BAD DUDE HERE (9863)
txapi posts ante (25)
brewcrewjoe posts ante (25)
SalvadoreAli posts ante (25)
bullslapper posts ante (25)
JackDaHammer posts ante (25)
J Davies posts ante (25)
mis smoak posts ante (25)
brewcrewjoe posts small blind (200)
SalvadoreAli posts big blind (400)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to J Davies [ Kh, Qh ]
BAD DUDE HERE calls (375)
JackDaHammer folds.
J Davies raises (1325) to 1350
mis smoak folds.
txapi folds.
brewcrewjoe folds.
SalvadoreAli folds.
BAD DUDE HERE calls (950)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ Js, Qc, As ]
BAD DUDE HERE bets (8488)
J Davies ????????


Rock Star
Have you seen him make those moves with 2nd pair? Have you seen him bluff?

Unless you've seen either of the above regularly I think you have to fold here, you're way behind too many possible holdings. If he's on a flush draw you're a coinflip, if he's not chances are he has an A or 2-pair so a ten is your only out.

My sensible head says fold & wait for a better occasion, that was a bad flop for you.


PS. Against a player like this I'd raise more preflop to find out where I stand. He's having to call 950 into a 2500 pot, that's nearly 3:1 odds, enough to call with his entire range. He may even be making a move purely because he felt your raise was weak.

Knowing he limps with strong cards you're always taking a gamble raising him preflop, you've got to make him fear your cards instead of the other way around. I think I'd want to either wait for a much stronger hand preflop before raising him, and be prepared to go all in, or since you have position on him, just limp along after him & rely on your post flop play. If he goes all in that often all you need is one monster flop to beat him.


You have to fold this. You've raised and from his point of view there's a strong chance you have a big Ace, but he's still prepared to put nearly all his chips in without waiting for you to act... so your second pair doesn't really cut it. OK there's a remote chance you're ahead but it doesn't seem like a very good occasion to call all-in.

Add in the fact that it's the bubble and you definitely don't want to risk going out.


Easy fold.

Im guessing hes not a disastrous player having made it this far and being chip leader.

Any hand i see him calling with preflop beats yours.

Nothing to think about. No point taking risk over a supposed bluff which is unlikely anyway, with 1 seat off money.


you only lost like 1/8th your stack, plenty of chips left to work with, fold