Overpairs 200+ deep



Mar 14, 2008
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couple hands against some unknowns at 5nl on stars. This one I ended up out of position with an overpair 262 bb effective stacks. Not sure if this is a spot where i should be 4 betting preflop and then folding or calling a push, or if he just flat calls then committing on the flop with my overpair with a smaller stack to pot ratio. Not too good in these over pair spots with large stacks i guess. On the flop I can't really see too much that he would be 4betting me preflop with that I am ahead of other than a bluff or a whiffed ak maybe, if I raise his flop bet then im commited to calling a push, but then again I have no reads, so i'm just assuming he's a standard player.

BTN: 262 BB
SB: 230.50 BB
BB: 148.50 BB
UTG: 169.50 BB
UTG+1: 159.50 BB
MP1: 197 BB
Hero (MP2): 298 BB
CO: 227 BB
Pre-Flop: Qd Qs dealt to Hero (MP2)
UTG calls 1BB, 2 folds, Hero raises to 5BB, CO calls 5BB, BTN raises to 20BB, 3 folds, Hero calls 15BB, CO folds
Flop: (47.5BB) 8d Jh 4c (2 Players)
Hero checks, BTN bets 47.5BB, Hero??

Heres another hand where the only read i have is he is a 10/3 after just 60 hands that plays like 20 tables or so,(super aggressive nit imo) and raises utg+1 after a limper. Maybe i should have 3 bet him and folded to a 4bet preflop, or raise the flop or something, I called for set value figuring that his range was pretty small, AK JJ+. called the flop because i thought he might not fire a 2nd barrel oop with ak if he missed the flop, and because i thought there was a chance i was still ahead, not sure how best to handle these spots with so many chips behind, any comments greatly appreciated

UTG: 238 BB
UTG+1: 241 BB
MP1: 50 BB
MP2: 70.50 BB
Hero (CO): 297.50 BB
BTN: 155.50 BB
SB: 164.50 BB
BB: 125 BB
MP1 posts 1BB
Pre-Flop: Th Ts dealt to Hero (CO)
UTG calls 1BB, UTG+1 raises to 6BB, 2 folds, Hero calls 6BB, 4 folds
Flop: (15.5BB) 9h 6h 9c (2 Players)
UTG+1 bets 15BB, Hero calls 15BB
Turn: (45.5BB) 3s (2 Players)
UTG+1 bets 45BB, Hero folds


Apr 4, 2008
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That 1st hand is pretty simple, you either have him so you reraise or shove, or you think that he hit a set or had a higher pp and you fold. You have to commit either way, in your mind. Since he is a standard player, perhaps he is on a draw, but I dont think that you can play this like he hit a set. Not sure what you think, top pair maybe? I mean maybe two pair? Slow played? Personally and against a standard player I would value bet and try to extract as much as possible out of him.
2nd hand, I always fire another shot, whether i miss or not. If you dont think it was a cbet, then you can put him on possibly a flush draw, maybe just maybe something like 89s. Still I dont see folding, when your pp beats the board and he may have something like AKos or even a smaller pp. He could have a higher pp, so I might reraise, perhaps a bit heavier than normal, and really judge his hand. I know these are both tough, but you cant simply fold each time that someone shows strength. I mean at worst, you might be a slight dog and you can improve.

Myself, both hands I gotta either value bet if i think I am ahead, or throw a decent raise right over the top of him, show him my strength and see if he still wants to follow through.


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Sep 2, 2007
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do we have any reads or stats on first hand? also what image/stats do you have yourself? Also what is villains 3 betting percentage? Without reads and considering the limit being played, i shove first hand. You will likely be called by various top pair hands, TT, even overcards if villain has a big ego. With reads however, the decision will probably change dependant on stats.

Second hand seems standard. I assume we are calling pre flop to set mine against the aggressive nit. I don't mind calling that flop either, as we can take the pot down on turn if checked too if villain holds overcards. Once villain bets that turn however, his range is much smaller, and pretty much crushes you.


Apr 26, 2007
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at 5nl, you don't need reads to stack off with overpairs. you should be doing it without thinking.