JJ with scary flop



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Hey guys. This is my first (real) post; I've learnt a huge amount from the stuff on this site already, so let me thank everyone right up front. You've put me well on the road from Donkville (but still in city limits, I fear :smile: ).

Perhaps some general things about the site I play on:
- It's South African (hence the strange currency. $1 = R6).
- The players on this site tend to be very Loose/Passive (loads of checks / fold to pressure quite easily); although there are notable exceptions. For this reason, you'll find many of my raises are less than some of you guys tend to advocate, especially pre-flop.

Any way, here's the hand:
** Game ID 12390413 starting - 2006-09-27 19:47:26
** On Request [Hold 'em] (2.00|4.00 No Limit - Cash Game) real money

- ButterflyM sitting in seat 1 with R119.00
- loopy sitting in seat 2 with R477.75
- BullsEye777 sitting in seat 3 with R213.01
- Tom_Servo sitting in seat 4 with R64.85
- Smit sitting in seat 5 with R260.00
- Amstel_Lager sitting in seat 6 with R199.00
- mugsy sitting in seat 7 with R396.00
- EightStar sitting in seat 8 with R90.00 [Dealer]

ButterflyM posted the small blind - R2.00
loopy posted the big blind - R4.00
mugsy posted to play - R4.00

** Dealing card to loopy: Jack of Clubs, Jack of Spades
BullsEye777 called - R4.00
Tom_Servo folded
Smit folded
Amstel_Lager called - R4.00
mugsy bet - R20.00
EightStar folded
ButterflyM folded
loopy called - R20.00
BullsEye777 called - R20.00
Amstel_Lager called - R20.00

** Dealing the flop: 7 of Clubs, 3 of Spades, Ace of Diamonds
loopy checked
BullsEye777 checked
Amstel_Lager checked
mugsy bet - R40.00
Loopy ???

What to do? (Pot is R122 if my maths is correct)


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Fold it.

3 opponents, a 5 x BB raise that was called by 2 opponents - if any of the 3 have an Ace you're behind with 2 outs to save you, and it's going to cost you up to R396 to find out.

(and if you post the result and none of them had an Ace, doesn't matter).
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Autofold. The only thing you're beating is a bluff, and it's unlikely anyone is going to bluff with a 1/3 pot bet into 3 other players, and certainly nobody is semibluffing as the board is drawless (even on something like an A78 board with a 2-flush this is a pretty routine fold though).

Don't get tied down to big hands. JJ was probably the best hand preflop but when you get 3 callers, an Ace flops, and you have to act out of postition (much like the semibluffing point earlier position is relatively unimportant here as on the button with a bet in front it's usually a fold anyway, but these are all things you should be taking into consideration for when more marginal situations arise) should you choose to stay in then JJ just turned bad.


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I did in fact, fold. Though my finger hovered over the call button for a while.

Looking at it now in the cold, clear light of day, it does seem like a clear-cut fold; though I can tell you in the heat of battle, it was an agonising choice.


You've put me well on the road from Donkville (but still in city limits, I fear :smile: ).

Pre-flop a call is OK. Another thing you could try is a re-raise to try to isolate the raiser, as your JJ is more likely to stand up against one opponent. As played, you're less likely to win, but you stand to win a much bigger pot the one time in eight when you flop a Jack.