I'm thinking I got lucky with A,K holding after 6 calls.

Vegas Cat

Vegas Cat

How would you bet A,K on the button with 6 limpers in front of you in a $1/2NL holdem 10 person table game?

Today I played at a very loose semi- aggressive $1/2NL Holdem live casino table.

Many of the players are calling with any two suited cards, whether connected or not, and many go in with a face card and pathetic kicker.

I'm on the button and I get dealt A,Ksuited. 6 people limp in with $2. I raise to $15. Usually that will get most of them out but they all call my preflop raise.

So now there is $90 in the pot.

Flop comes rainbow

Everyone checks around to me. So far I noticed while playing here that no one ever check raises, so I read that nobody paired up since no one bet. I noticed that if someone paired up, they'd at least bet $10, especially with so many in the pot.

I also figure that if they all called my $15, maybe there were alot of face cards dealt??

Not wanting any of the other 6 players to stay in this $90 pot and hit something on the turn or river, and with everyone being so passive, I decided to BET BIG. I also figured if I didn't bet big enough, someone would call me since the pot was so big.

So I boldy bet $100 with a moment pause when my turn comes up.

The blinds fold, and an EP caller thinks about it for a long minute...he's got $86 left, he decides to go All-In and call me and I think "oh man, he hit a pair, or he has a pair, or pretty much he's gotta have something over my A,K"

The last 3 callers fold and its heads-up between him and I.

Turn comes a

River comes a

No flushes but yes 2 straights...

I pretty much figure I lost $115. With 2 different straights on the board, all he needs is an 8 or a 4 or has paired up anything...and with what all these guys were playing with, I wasn't going to be surprised if that is what he had called me with.

They all look to me to flip since he called my bet.
I flip over my A,K......I wait for him to flip and see his shoulders visibly slump as he chucks his cards in face down.

Everyone gasps, I win with Ace high????

What did he have? Why would he go All-In and call my $100 bet? So that was a nice $170 pot for me.....Moments later he rebought in at another $100 and went all in 10 minutes later and lost again....and again didn't show his cards.

Do you think my $100 bet was too much? What would you have done?

Vegas Cat


My guess is he had 2 painted cards.

Your bet to reduce the field was good. Any less and others would have piled in, probably causing you to lose the hand.

Nice Win :)


Rock Star
well played

Your PF bet is perfect, even for a loose table. Any more and you never get callers, any less and you're asking everyone to call. The problem, particularly in live games, is that once the two on your left call, evryone is going to - the concept of "priced in for pot odds" is a rampant misconception in a casino.

your flop bet is signalling a buy out, not a best hand. I would suggest a little less - between 60 to 75 - so that its not as obvious. Still, I see your logic. I'm actually willing to bet at least one person hit the 6 or the 3, but your bet was big enough to scare off the lesser pairs, so maybe 100 was best anyway.

As to what he called with - I'm gonna take a guess at AQ. If he thinks you have a pair, he may think he has the odds to call hoping to hit a higher pair (he doesn't, but I see this a fair amount at the casinos I play). If he thinks you're bluffing, he's got A-high Q-second, which is worth calling a bluffer with. It would also explain the very depressed muck at the end.

Either way - I think you played this well.