Good spot to semi bluff all-in?



Sep 4, 2020
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pokerrr2 App (basically runs as a live game)
0.15$/0.30$ (optional UTG straddle to 0.6$) 60$ CAP
8 handed

Not much info on the V, seems decent

straddled hand
folds to Villain in CO who opens to 2.4$ (eff. 60$)
SB calls (covers us)
Hero in BB with AdTd 3bets to 14.20$ (eff. 146.50$)
Villain in CO defends and SB folds

Heads up to the flop
flop (31.40$)
8c 2c Qd
Hero c-bets 10.10$
V calls
turn (51.60$)
8c 2c Qd Kd
Hero jams for 35.10$ eff.

Villain snaps us with KQo and the river was a brick.
Althouhg we lost the pot, what do you think about this play. When the top pair changes on the turn with us being the pf aggresor and when we pick up equity. Was this a profitable play? Is villain folding Qx hands?


Jun 3, 2019
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Dont mind the squeeze play, but it is worth noting, that it needs to be really large due to the large open size used by CO, so if we get called, its going to be a very low SPR, and we are not going to have much room to maveuver postflop. And for that reason I could also see calling being a reasonable alternative, although we probably should not have to many calls from the middle blind in a 3-blind structure. Or at least so I understand, because I have never really played these games myself.

Guess its fine to continue our aggression, but maybe we could also just have some give-ups including this hand? We dont need many folds using this sizing, but are we getting any at all? Mostly putting it out there, because I honestly dont know.

Other than an A this was the best possible card for you giving you both a flush- and straightdraw, and its also an overcard to the board. Not sure he is folding QX, but any pocket pair JJ or lower is going to have a difficult time continuing. So as played I think, this jam is profitable.