Getting max risk-adjusted value from KK



Live 10-seater Pot-Limit hold'em game, can't remember the precise details, but something like this:

Blinds are £1-£1 ($2-$2).
UTG limps
UTG+1 raises pot to £5
UTG+2 calls
I, with KK and a stack of £58, re-raise pot to £18
Action folds round to UTG+1 and UTG+2 who both call.

Pot = £57
Flop = something like Q85 rainbow

UTG+1 checks
UTG+2 checks
I move in my remaining £40.
All fold

Do you like this play? I thought afterwards I should have bet around £10-15 and hope to get raised, or at least get some value before pushing the turn. I'm not that worried about being outdrawn. Any Ace is drawing to 3 outs - about 6% to hit on the turn. Any pocket pair is drawing to 2 outs.

Against 2 opponents, does it make a big difference if the Q and 5 on the flop are suited? I can't really remember if they were or not.

We had pretty similar stacks... I think UTG+1 was slightly shorter than me and UTG+2 was slightly bigger.


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good push

no, here is where you push, exactly as you did. A big Q (KQ, AQ) will call you, and you want to get your money in while you're ahead.

There are 13 scare cards for you in the deck (3x 3 pairs for the board, plus the Aces), and only 2 more good ones for you (the last 2 kings). There's a good chance the turn will hit in a way that will shut you down or slow you down - and if you had bet 10 and got a call, on the turn you have a great pair, 30 left and almost 80 in the pot - you're basically committed with no fold equity anyway.
Good place to push, and I would be happy enough taking down the PF money.


You made the right move here, you don't want them to see a free card.
One possibly both are holding an A-X with one being suited


I'm confused
You are more likely to get a call on a draw here then after the turn, so the bet is fine. Looks like neither one had anything at all so you prob wouldn't have made any more money anyway.