Could Titan poker be the loosest anywhere?



deposited 20$ into Titan Poker for some fun. I bumped that up to ~30 playing hte .5/1$ in 1 day, then I thought, why not jump up a limit, so i jumped up to 1/2 and bumped up to 60 playing 1/2 within an hour. Later i went to the BM and played 3/6 there and in 2 hours made $120 and had to leave, but I never dipped below 80$...

Soooo today i decided to try my luck at a 6 max 3/6 table on titan with my 50$ bankroll (i know i know waaaay underrolled)....and my first hand i'm dealt 6h6d and I raised pf, and got (to my suprise) all 5 to call the raise. flop comes 6sAhKc. SB bets, BB calls, i raise, calls all around. Turn comes 6c, Checked to me, i bet, guy behind me raises button reraises sb calls bb calls, i cap all call. River is a blank, and basically the same action, with 1 fold.

I'm against AA,but thats the only good hand i was against. I was against A3, KJ, and 88. i just took the chips and left the table. But even as high as 3/6 i've never seen anything so loose in my life.


Yeah, I will agree that it is. For the most part it's extremely annoying.

im up against AK (and knew it)

im mp and call with 66. the guy that has AK raises from the button and i call. everyone else has folded.

K96 flop. I check, and he bets. I smooth call. Turn is another 9. I check again, he bets, and I raise this time. He goes all in and I call. 9 River gives him the better FH :/. Was the most basic slow-played set ever and he couldn't recognize when he was beaten.

A few hundred beats like that and you won't be so happy that it's that loose.

Especially with you playing limit.


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Styrofoam said:
deposited 20$ into titan poker for some fun. I bumped that up to ~30 playing hte .5/1$ in 1 day, (i know i know waaaay underrolled).

Sounds to me like you were "way underrolled" from the get!


I usually play the CC events there. Good quality play every time I play one. I would recommend playing the CC events.


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I think most sites at the moment are suffering from an over-flooding of fish.

Everywhere you go seems to have its fair share of maniacs - ever since christmas time, but as long as you dont get impatient and stick to premium hands you should be able to reel their pots of money in without too much trouble.;)

Just last night (both hands AA) i was called all-in with a K9 then a J10, so thank you loose players you made me smile :)

Total $60 profit on 2 hands .50/$1 NLHE

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