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Game # 119557422: Texas Holdem No Limit ($0.50/$1) 07/16/2006 09:16:46
Table "Charles St" (real money) Seat 1 is the button

Seat 1: Loppis32 ($79.37) [button]
Seat 2: joehasjack ($40.80)
Seat 3: bullets6 ($173.47)
Seat 4: Dank3 ($36.85) >>>> sat out
Seat 5: frigginhot ($111.22)
Seat 6: Nuggets ($25)
Seat 7: 2xtreemz ($206.20)
Seat 8: Julytuna ($37)
Seat 9: Shortstacked ($62.65)
joehasjack: posts small blind $0.50
bullets6: posts big blind $1

>>> HOLE CARDS <<<
Dealt to Shortstacked [Ah 7h]
frigginhot: folds
Nuggets: folds
2xtreemz: folds
Julytuna: folds
Shortstacked: calls $1
Loppis32: folds
joehasjack: calls $0.50
Nuggets brings $5 to the table
bullets6: checks

>>> FLOP <<< [Qh 2c Jh]
Dank3 leaves the table with $36.85
joehasjack: checks
bullets6: bets $2
Shortstacked: calls $2
ConnieZBaby joins the table at seat #4
ConnieZBaby brings $40 to the table
joehasjack: calls $2

>>> TURN <<< [Qh 2c Jh] [8h]
joehasjack: checks
bullets6: bets $5
Shortstacked: calls $5
joehasjack: folds

>>> RIVER <<< [Qh 2c Jh 8h] [5c]
bullets6: bets $12
Shortstacked: raises $30 to $42
bullets6: raises $30 to $72
Shortstacked: calls $12.65 and is all-in
bullets6: uncalled bet ($17.35) returned

>>> SHOWDOWN <<<
bullets6: shows [9h 3h] (a Queen high flush)
Shortstacked: shows [Ah 7h] (an Ace high flush)
Shortstacked: collects $125.30 from the pot
ConnieZBaby sits in

>>> SUMMARY <<<
Total pot $128.30.
Rake $3
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man that hurts gettin beat by a higher flush; sucks cause you really cant get away from it online - no way to tell!

Nice hand and nice pot, shorstacked :)


I fold alot of A-X suited and i was in good position to play this hand and when i flop 4 too it i knew i was in it for the long run, im glad it payed off


Bad move from the BB.. betting into the flush draw knowing thier is a possibility that you could be against the nut flush..

He would have been better to check the flop in hopes to see the next card cheaply.. Then he could have made the 2 dollar bet to see where his flush stands..Just losing $3.00 instead of 62.65.. just think if you had more money you could have milked him for everything he has.