€50NL : would like your advice on the second one



Sep 12, 2006
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Wooosh it's been a while since i haven't post a hand.
In fact i got a doubt of the way i play on the second hand.
These are 2 hands in a row :

First one :
Game # 770974458 - Texas Hold'em No Limit EUR 0.25/0.50 - Table "Uddevalla"

Players(max 6):
PRO_Juggs (EUR 123.73 in seat 1)
Erutmanhed (EUR 50.35 in seat 2)
RickyLing (EUR 66.08 in seat 3)
JohnTailor (EUR 63.45 in seat 4)
Marubozu (EUR 30.64 in seat 5)
ikolead (EUR 54.83 in seat 6)

Dealer: Erutmanhed
Small Blind: RickyLing (0.25)
Big Blind: JohnTailor (0.50)

ikolead was dealt: Td - Th

ikolead Raise (2.00)
PRO_Juggs Call (2.00)
Erutmanhed Fold
RickyLing Call (1.75)
JohnTailor Fold

Flop Kh - 4h - Ts

RickyLing Check
ikolead Bet (4.00)
PRO_Juggs Call (4.00)
RickyLing Fold

Turn Kh - 4h - Ts - 3s

ikolead Bet (8.75)
PRO_Juggs Call (8.75)

River Kh - 4h - Ts - 3s - 9s

ikolead Bet (19.00)
PRO_Juggs Call (19.00)

ikolead shows: Td - Th (three of a kind, tens)

PRO_Juggs didn't show hand

ikolead wins: EUR 68.00 (with three of a kind, tens)
Rake: EUR 2.00

Game ended 2008-03-10 11:08:58 GMT+01:00

As you can see a pig pot (he probably had a King or if he was on a draw that call on the river was the worst i've ever seen).
That wasn't the first big pot he looses recently so when we were on a blind fight on the very next one i thought he can be on some tilt.
For info guy is 50/21/1 on 62 hands i got on him

Here is the second hand :

Game # 770974482 - Texas Hold'em No Limit EUR 0.25/0.50 - Table "Uddevalla"

Players(max 6):
PRO_Juggs (EUR 89.98 in seat 1)
Erutmanhed (EUR 50.35 in seat 2)
lisarocks (EUR 0.00 in seat 3)
JohnTailor (EUR 62.95 in seat 4)
Marubozu (EUR 30.64 in seat 5)
ikolead (EUR 89.08 in seat 6)

Dealer: JohnTailor
Small Blind: ikolead (0.25)
Big Blind: PRO_Juggs (0.50)

ikolead was dealt: Ts - Tc

Erutmanhed Fold
JohnTailor Fold
ikolead Raise (1.10)
PRO_Juggs Call (0.85)

Flop 9c - 2s - 9h

ikolead Bet (1.90)
PRO_Juggs Raise (3.80)
ikolead Call (1.90)

Turn 9c - 2s - 9h - Ks

ikolead Check
PRO_Juggs Bet (5.00)
ikolead Call (5.00)

River 9c - 2s - 9h - Ks - Kh

ikolead Check
PRO_Juggs Bet (15.00)
ikolead Call (15.00)

PRO_Juggs shows: XX
ikolead shows: Ts - Tc (two pairs, kings and tens)

Basically, i can't see him on a 9 after his raise on the flop.
As I raised preflop, I thought he would try to trap me if he had a 9.
So maybe a 2 or some over cards (since he didn't reraise preflop I can't think of an over pair)
I decided to pay once after that K on the turn since i thought he was on some tilt and then maybe try to steal the pot.
The second K on the river made me feel a bit comfortable about the fact he probably didn't have one but as he bet and if i raised only hands who beated me gonna called, i decided to flat called.

Given the "reads" I got on him, what do you think of the play I made ?
I'm gonna give the result after as i don't want result-oriented comments :p ;)


Feb 2, 2005
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I think the second hand is fine but I raise more preflop.

He doesn't seem to be too aggressive postflop which gives a little less weight to calling down, but there's not much aside from 9x/22 or an unlikely Kx or overpair that has you beat.


Caveman Eye Surgeon
Mar 20, 2007
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I would raise more preflop as well. I'd probably lead the turn to try to control the pot sizing myself and consider folding to a raise.


plays poker on hard mode
May 16, 2006
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seems okay to me except your PF raise is slightly weird, just make it 1.50+/your standard if you have one (in cash games i always raise pot when i'm the one opening)

leading the turn would be silly imo. he doesn't call with any worse and he doesn't fold anything better. i just think it's kind of a spewy "information" bet