3way Overbet Shove on the river



Sep 4, 2020
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I have already posted this hand and got no replies. Now when I have checked it, I have noticed that I made a mistake for pf action, so I am posting again with correct info. I am really qurious about what you think.

pokerrr2 app (basically runs as a live game)

0.25$/0.5$ (optional UTG straddle to 1$) 150$ CAP
8 handed

V1 UTG puts in a straddle to 1$
MP1 limps
Folds to Hero on the BTN with AdQc and Hero raises to 7.5$ (covers)
V1 from SB calls (eff. 71$)
V2 from Utg calls (eff. 157.30$)
MP1 folds
Both Villains are loose passive recs
We go 3 ways to the flop

flop (24.5$)
7d Js Tc
It checks arround

turn (24.5$)
7d Js Tc 9s
V1 checks
V2 bets 18.30$
Hero calls
V1 calls

river (79.4$)
7d Js Tc 9s 8d
V1 checks
V2 overbets shove for 131.50$

Even though we block the KQ, there are still many combos and is this ever just a Qx hand? Especially with another person left to act behind us...


May 2, 2019
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If these guys play passive and are generally limpers, you can limp in position. You must adapt to the type of rivals you face.
As played I like your raise preflop. A larger size is better when playing with straddles. In this case we have 2 limpers, for which we raise 3 bb for each limper: 2 bb for each strddle played + 1 bb for each limper and we have the best position in the postflop.
On the flop you can check behind and keep the size of the pot.
The cards on the flop impact more on limper ranges, so their checks could induce you to bet on this spot. Control is definitely good here.
On the turn the V throws a 3/4 pot bet. At this point, 1 combo is eliminated, of the possible combinations: 89s (unlikely in Vs). However any 8 beats us and certainly one of these Vs could have a hand like 88 that called preflop.
Now increases the probability that one of the villains has drawn an OESD on the flop (with: QK). If they are passive as you describe, they are unlikely to donk bet when the board is in their favor.
We have a major blocker (Q) and we have to make a decision. If we believe that "They have it" it is possible to fold here. Otherwise there may still be bluffs in their ranges, since we do not block any flush draw combo.
As played we got to the river and got second best card. Obviously, if we get here, the most expected thing is to look for the showdown.
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Jul 26, 2015
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i noticed that players on acr over bet on hands. and turn around and have nothing and win